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First maintain

This is my third weigh in and the first time I've not had a loss. I didn't gain either which is a bonus. Week has been an odd one in terms of food, been under calories but food has been naughtier, less healthy. Getting head back in the space though and getting back into fruit and veg and more homemade foods. I didn't get too lost in it and binge and I'm certain food and alcohol at a wedding contributed but I didn't count anything that day and I can't and don't regret it :-)

I have lost 7lb so far and 1.5" off my waist. I'm happy with my progress so far and I'm more motivated than I normally am at this point in a healthy eating regime. Feeling proud of myself :-)

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Your right, the food and alcohol did contribute to your maintenance. So you open up with no loss...but then you say your naught so I guess your not too surprised ey ;) however, in a world where everything is negative (mostly) I'm going to say well done! When was maintaining weight a bad thing? You have been putting on weight for so many months and you finally have put in the effort to reduce the increase to the point it doesn't go up anymore! Worth celebrating in my eyes, okay we would like to lose lbs and I'm sure with calorie counting, portion control and exercise over then the next few weeks it will come.

So don't beat yourself up too much it's a wedding drinking happens. As you said back on increased veg diets and start again :)


Thanks for the encouragement :-D


Yur very welcome :)


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