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Holiday time!

I am off to Butlins tomorrow with my fingers crossed that I don't undo all my good work, its been a bit up and down this school hol, but I have come out 5lb lighter which for me is great because the old me would have put that on min in the summer hols. Wish me luck, as long as I don't get tempted by the snacks I'll be fine I hope, taking my low fat crisps and sugar free sweets with me and going to walk lots. I will just keep thinking how much more fun this will be next year and focus on enjoying the non edible bits of holiday this year.

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Good luck holidays are hard, but just remember you don't want to be working for the next 3-4 months to burn off what you can potentially put on in 2 weeks. This is where our problems lie...time to face those demons :) enjoy your holiday! Although crisps.......

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the crisps are low fat puff corn things and 100 cals per packet they will be ten times better than the huge things they serve at the bar, lucky due to my daughters autism we go same place a lot so I know my danger zones and sitting watching shows with a diet coke in one hand and a bag of crisps is mine, so if I can stick to the ones I take I will hopefully be fine. lots of beach walks and shaking my thing on the dance floor will burn everything else off if all goes to plan!


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