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Yesterday went well...6 km walk and food intake controlled...attempted running but all I managed was maybe 20 sec!!! My knees couldn't take it...seems I was running wrong...I also doubt that even my walking technique is correct...my lower back and hips are sore...any tips?

Oh...and I've lost 1.5 kg...probably the retained fluids?...my waist has gone down by 2 cm as well...

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Perhaps you just need to take things like exercise more slowly? If you haven't exercised much before now it isn't surprising if you have aches and pains. Perhaps stick to just walking for a while, and increase the pace when you feel you can. Running, if you are overweight, is going to put a strain on your knees, perhaps leave it until you have lost more weight.

You need a good pair of supportive shoes or trainers, I guess you can get advice on this on line or in a shop.


Hi Penel...well, I walk to get my shopping done, if that counts for anything :) I bought a pair of Nike running shoes, along with running socks...my BMI is 27 so yes indeed am overweight...will be more patient and stick to walking before I attempt the c25k program...thanks


I don't know how much weight you want to lose but I know that I didn't start running until recently, when I started the couch to 5k programme, after losing almost 2 stones. I didn't feel it was fair to expect my knees to cope with moving my initial weight at any speed! Maybe work your way up to running by gradually increasing the distance and speed you go and when you have lost some weight start to think about running.


Hmmm...Ideally I should lose 15 kg, trying to break them up into 3 target goals of 5 kg each...I suppose I'll keep walking :) thanks catch


Goodness, you are on a roll with the weight loss! Well done!

Your walking distance is good too. Maybe your body is just adjusting to all the exercise, and that is why it still hurts.

I got Into running when I was skinny, about 7 years ago, but even then it was not easy and it was a slow process. I started by walking, and then walking interspersed with 1 min of running here and there; then I increased it gradually.


So I take it I definitely have to get more realistic about exercise expectations! Thanks :)

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Are you using the Couch to 5k running programme podcasts? nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

They really work brilliantly well but you must run really slowly until your body gets used to it - just a very gentle jog. I found I couldn't do the seventh and eighth running intervals the first time I tried it as I hadn't run since hating it at school, I was 63 and couldn't run for a bus. Nine weeks later I could run for 30 minutes!


That's really inspiring gingernut49! Indeed I downloaded the podcasts, thanks :)


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