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WiiFit Plus

Anyone else using the WiiFit Plus for exercise? I can easily spend an hour or more on it and then wonder where the time has gone. Normally I find it so heard to keep doing exercise (apart from walking, but that tends to be dependent on the weather). On the WiiFit Plus I do the jogging and jogging plus progammes, but walk rather than jog. I also love the Segway programme. I'm really enjoying the snowball fight programme, but its killing my thumb so I'll have to go easy on that one.

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Iv done the jogging on wififit at my ex's seems okay but obv nowhere near the best way to burn calories for time or effort you put it....however!

The best form of exercise is one that you love and can sustain for years to come. No point doing something you hate and stopping after one session compared to 1yr on wii fit ;) I did find it weird running on spot for 20 mins though, made me just want to get outside :)


Do the run where you put the controller in your pocket, then you can at least move around the room or house, depending on signal strength, and space, obviously!

I recall the stair stepping and boxing actually burnt more calories than the jogging, a lot less boring trying to keep up with the patterns.


I have one and shall go back to it! Haven't used it for a while! A good way of getting exercise for me as I don't do running the streets, it's not for me but there is more variety and fun ways of getting exercise on the wii! And any extra exercise is better than none at all! And it's whatever suits the individual!


Whatever works for you. I don't have one but I have tried it out at a friends and I found it so much fun. Even better when you're sharing it. It obviously doesn't get you out into the fresh air but maybe you could incorporate outside stuff too. Good luck. X.


I've been using the wii zumba fitness programme on the easy setting and liked it so much I have signed up for a weekly Zumba for 50+. You sound like you are more disciplined with exercise at home than I am , well done


You,ve inspired me to go on it, first time in years!


Hi Anthony42

It was your reply on Mondays weekly weigh in that made me want to get back on my Wii Fit!

I always exercise every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday but try and do bits in between. Reading your comment on Monday reminded me of when my parents went away for a week on holiday (I was still living at home) and I found myself waking up quite early. I was bored home alone so I went on my Wii for like an hour every morning while they were away as I had the living room to myself!

I found it the most enjoyable form of exercise as it feels like a game and that week I lost quite a bit of weight! :D

You reminded me of my love for it and had a go last night! It encourages me to exercise more because I enjoy it. I intend to go on it again tonight and am actually looking forward to it!

I have a few of the dance games too which can get you quite out of breath! I may have a go on that too! :D

As long as you're up an moving I dont see any problems! :)



I loved mine, but like most household electricals, we didnt bring it with us when we moved to the UK. We are looking into replacing it now. I see them used, but am worried it is a dead end investment, no new software seems to be available.


Though if it is possible to track down the variety we once owned, that might do. Maybe I should hunt up the games first. Hmmmm


I'm still doin it, how about you? I like the way you are encouraged to work harder to beat your previous scores. I like the boxing, Kung fu and step best. Hula hoop for a quick burn! I need days off after the boxing, as my shoulder muscles get sore!


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