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I would appreciate any advice. I have downloaded the Couch to 5K and I also hope to do the exercises on rest days. So it comes to diet! Once I think I am in a diet I become obsessed with food. I have also just had my meds changed which has a side effect of increased appetite.

I have also printed off the NHS 12 week plan.

So, I am 52, 5'4" and I am overweight esp around my middle. I want to change my way of life and stick to it but as someone who has anxiety and depression issues, I feel like I am fighting a losing battle.

I did lose two stone on slimming world a few years ago but hated the sitting in a circle part of the meetings.

Anyway, hoping to make some new like minded friends.



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  • I think it's difficult giving advice to people with mental health issues as were all so different. I have had my own. I've been using Headspace, an online meditation course for almost two months, combined with exercise and eating healthily - never felt better mentally. Less stress, more smiling - I wonder occasionally when it's all going to go sour. I'm 43 and I've been battling depression and anxiety since childhood. But like I said we are all different so I don't want to suggest this approach will work for all. Headspace offer a free course of intro meditations, after that you pay for access.

    I'm in week 3 of my diet. I'm never hungry or food obsessed. I did get the phantom munchies in first 2 weeks. That was tough. Keep a mental note of what you eat. I found bread is a food I crave and Parmesan cheese, so I don't buy them now. I rarely have carbs - rice, pasta potatoes with lunch or dinner. The only reason is I can't be bothered with another thing to cook and another pot to clean but I am wondering if that is a factor as some say some carbs can trigger a craving. I also cook low cal versions of food I love - Thai fish soup being one. One last thing I do is to have satisfying snacks and to factor in treats. Last weekend my breakfast was avocado chocolate mousse! I like ricotta cheese with a dash of honey and flaked almonds - really hits the spot as a snack if I want one. And I made room for a luxury low fat hot choc drink last night. A tablespoon of cocoa powder is what, 30 cals? Put that with a cup of oat milk and a dollop of peanut butter and sweeten with maple syrup - best hot choc ever.

    I spent 6 weeks making one change each week before hitting my diet proper which helped greatly as I tend to be all or nothing in my attitude. Lost 6lbs. Last 3 weeks lost 7 lbs.

    I hope something is this ramble is useful.

  • I think your strategy of making a series of changes is a very good one. And if that doesn't seem 'fast enough' it is a good sign that someone is thinking in terms of a diet fix which is temporary rather than a change of lifestyle.

  • Just a thought- I found an online "recipe" for chocolate syrup with stevia- mix a little hot water into some cocoa powder to get it dissolved, then thin down some and start adding the stevia. This is one way to get a little chocolate without the sugar carbs to mess you up, but a bit of a pain in the neck.

  • Brill. I'll give it a go. Ricotta with chocolate sauce!

  • Hi,

    I know just how you feel! I'm inclined to get very anxious and bad tempered when my food is controlled! What is working for me is to concentrate on eating good stuff, instead of on not eating bad stuff, if you see what I mean. So I try and eat loads and loads of raw fruit and veg every day. Then I find I don't want as much other stuff. I have a blended fruit and veg smoothie for breakfast, which really fills me up. Then a bowl of peppers, gherkins, sweetcorn, tomatoes, broccoli, cucumber, leafy salad, with grated cheese or nuts or chicken to brighten it up a bit. Then I have a normal family tea, again with loads of veg, but cooked this time. I haven't felt hungry or hard done by, I've had treats and meals out, and I'm losing about 1kg a week.

    The blended fruit for breakfast could be an apple, a kiwi, half a cucumber. Or pineapple spinach and cucumber. It's really refreshing, much nicer than it sounds! There are lots of recipes online.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks everyone for your advice. I have got everything printed out including food sheets. Looking forward to it!

  • Hey welcome! Just keep getting support and work on motivation daily with regards to depression and anxiety. Everyone is different I find if I'm socially active then my mind is taken off my depression until I'm alone so I try to not be alone that much. It could trigger yr anxiety this way though but you know more than anyone your limits and what does and doesn't work so your probably the best person to advise on that bit.

    Your not on a diet, a diet is something you quit at the end and return to old ways. Lifestyle changes can be drastic so if that doesn't work for y, then as a fellow poster said, make small changes at first, try to stick to the golden rules of don't drink your calories, load up on veg, don't eat too much sugary fruits, have a glass of water before and after your meals not with them, try and hit 30 mins exercise a day be it walking, gym, sport anything is better than nothing.

    Spend one hour at the beginning if finding your motivation and capturing it, be it motivational speeches, printing off a holiday picture, buying a piece of clothing a size smaller and hanging on your door, motivational workout music, whatever focus you on what you are doing this for...if you don't know daily why your doing it, then it's difficult to sustain. Some times are mine, some are from other posters like the clothes one.

    Keep posting :) look forward to hearing your journey.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for the advice. I am better at work because I cannot think!! Once I am home I become down with no motivation. I have everything printed off, I just need to do my shopping list! These new tablets that the doctor gave me have increased my appetite massively. They are also making me feel unwell. I am hoping that the GP will tell me to come off them.

    Thanks again


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