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NHS weight loss 12 week plan

I have been dieting for 9 weeks now and have lost 11 1bs, weighing everything out and writing everything down so as not to go over my calorie intake. I seem to have stopped loosing for the last couple weeks but I do aerobics twice a week and am on week eight of the couch to 5k so exercise 5 times a week. I only really eat, fish, chicken, quorn or soya which I have with rice, steamed veg or steamed potato. Should I reduce my calorie intake from 1400, I don't feel I can up my exercise. I really want to lose another 2 stone at least.

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I have the same problem but don't worry keep doing what you are doing l was the same l was 18 stone 6 and l am now 15 6 this took me 6 months and now l have stopped losing l exercise but this is normal it is away of your body getting u to your weight loss don't give up x


Thank you for your message, you have done brilliantly that is a lot of weight in 6 months well done you keep it up too x


As you lose weight it does become harder...alot harder, but your very active, so you must be putting on leg muscles with aerobics which does add wright on. I would say measure your waist and larger muscles with a tape and forget about the scales for next few weeks. Muscle weighs heavier than fat and you could just be getting fitter and more toned but are still trapped in thinking weight is what it is about :) as if your not cheating then you have actually had a solid few weeks with exercise so my first thing would to check that out.

1400 is pretty low shock diets advise this low and if your a guy then it's really low, most healthy eating advise 3-500 calorie deficits not 1100 :) so your body may have a slightly slower metabolism because of how often your eating. How much rice are you doing? Perhaps drop your rice down a little and increase your veg. The steamed veg is fab but if yr having rice and potato you never want double carb portions. Week 8 is actually quite far into,the plan so you must be running regularly by now. Just keep making th smart choices. O and don't forget neat...non exercise related. Which basically means doing the dishes walking etc... To increase my nest I do dishes not dishwasher, I do press ups on TV ads, I march when I'm brushing my teeth, I do lunges if waiting few mins for oven to be ready, gardening, washing clothes, taking stairs not elevators or lifts, do ironing upstairs, when unloading my mums dishwasher I take one plate at a time to increase my travel distance and technically it's a one plate dead lift haha I'm sure you can think of some of your own :)

Keep up the great work your doing fab.


Thank you for your message. I am female. My job doesn't help as I sit on my bum all day as my job is admin. Perhaps I should get up out of my chair more as the work will still be there when I get back! lol.

That is a good idea doing press ups during adverts, I will have to do some of that.

I did measure my legs although my trousers are tighter have lost one inch during this time so maybe you are right. My waist doesn't seem to shrink! lol

It's just you look in the mirror and fail to see any achievement at times.

Also I will give it a go and have less carbs and increase my veg.

Thanks again x


Okay wasn't sure if it was short for Anthony :) one inch reduction :) and you think your stagnant? One inch is actually a lot don't put it down too much well done :) okay so admin is alot of sitting, iv been in admin for fair few years before uni. Bt you get up bend down walk places for filing, it's a lot better than reception ;) I think if you try your best and can't do much while at work, then maybe be abit more creative on your lunch breaks :) 10 minutes to walk somewhere for lunch or to eat sani at a park x it by now many days you do it, and I'm sure you can see that after a month you will have added 560 minutes of walking extra that you didn't do before...and that is 10minutes! Do this exercise for everything and it's relatively easy to increase your workloads. Walking is exercise especially if you walk a little faster or inclines. And don't get me started on stairs...stairs has been proven to be like the second best exercise for energy expenditure that you can do. People don't realise it though, to push your body upwards against gravity works your body harder so much harder than most exercise...

Don't believe me go for a 3 minute jog now do 3 minutes of stair climbing. So perhaps u have some rocky stairs near your work or home ^^


You sound like you are doing really well! Try eating more raw veg and fruit drink extra water, I think the body responds to a change when you are stuck on a plateau! Week 8 of C25K- that's brilliant!

I am doing my own thing at the moment, losing weight but not hungry or missing out on family treats (lots of meals out in the holidays!) I know I will plateau at some point, so will start a different eating plan then to kick start myself. Then there will be another plateau (I have 5stone to lose), so a new exercise regime... the body likes to dig its heels in and stick, so needs changes to trick it into letting go of the weight!


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