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First positive day!

After posting about how I had no motivation and was alwYs snacking on really bad food in the afternoons, I've had my first great day, 3 meals 2 snacks (both healthy ones!) and I'm feeling positive if I can get through this week it will become normal again.

I had good advice and support on here from my first post.

I've never written on a forum or anything before but it's really nice to feel there is support out there and people going through the same thing :)

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Fantastic Ashley.

Motivation is such a key part of success. I try and look for the positives even when days don't go according to plan.

Keep up a great work :) :)

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Well done - take it day by day and you will be fine


Well done, it will become easier when you feel & see the good results.


Brilliant. You are on it now! Keep posting!


Well done! What changed? How did you do it? That may help and encourage others. Motivation is everything, but it has to come from within. It can't be given by anyone else. Support is something else, that's easy to give because many are in a similar boat. But motivation? You have to find it in yourself.

Good luck!


Awesome congrats on your positive day. Sounds like if you can adapt to this lifestyle of eating then your in a world of success in the future well done.


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