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If anyone is even following I came back from America one month ago and had to put on over half a stone up to 13:8. I currently weigh around 13:5 and have lost inch and half off my waist. I have been hitting the gym 5 times a week and I started a county badminton course run by ex international coaches. Week 1 was 4 days straight totally 16 hours week 2 was tues and Thursday total 8 hours (4 each) and I have the same again next week. This week has been fab because after Thursday I went to gym for leg day fri, I did chest and arms and then killed my legs further sat but we did go for Indian then to a club dancing all night as a uni goodbye to one of our club members. Me and her decided to go for a little jog to burn off sat.....yeah.... I though okay cool 2-3k as that's my average and most iv ever run 13 months ago was 5k....anyways long story straight we ran for 1:40 and ended up getting to 9.4k! Which I'm silently over the moon with! Your talking to an ex 200m athlete haha so 9.4k is like a marathon to me.

I'm certain I have put loads of muscle mass on my legs as this badminton is super intense, for instance on the 4th hour on tues and Thursday of week 1 we did dancing to music in a dance class....what this ended up meaning was one hour of plyometric high intensity jump training with badminton footwork jump smashes, quick defense of all feet...was awful but amazing haha loved every minute of It.

Anyways I'm sure iv lost weight hence my waist reduced quite quick for one month but weight is still higher than I'd like but I'm certain it's how big my legs have grown! I now leg press 34kg more than I did 6 weeks ago and chest press 25kg more too. All in all im happy with my progress but still a way to go to get down to my 12 stone end goal....for now short term goal is to get 12:11 my pre America weight.

Thanks for reading :)


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16 Replies

  • Hi Jsports,

    Inspiring to read your post. Great progress and lots of exercise. That extra muscle mass will be burning more calories every day. You sound really enthusiastic and motivated, and that is inspiring.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks very much for your post :)

  • Oh my gosh, I am sat here at 19st 12lb totally gobsmacked at what you've been doing. I left school at 16st and slowly but surely got fatter. You are doing so great, keep up the great work and with as attitude as good as yours I'm sure you will make all your goals. I hope one day to be half as fit as you are! Good luck

  • Thanks very much, I'm sure with positive attitude and a lot of dedicated hard work you too can make the same :) it's funny though coz I'm busting my ass hoping to get half as fit as the rest of the group haha

    Iv just learn our coach is doing the same in sept for us too as preseason training :) which means I won't lose what I gain before uni starts.

    I'm not gona lie abt 11 n half -12 stone is where I should be at I'm 13 stone 3 now so I'm not too far overweight but it's all on my waist. I know iv never wanted to be overweight and I sure as hell as worked my backside off to maintain my activity since I took it back up at 20. I know how hard it is to burn off what we put on. I think it will take me 2-3 months to lose my stone and half of fat and that's with following diets to the T which I keep slipping on, iv totally chucked my chocolate addiction but can't seem to budge my takeaway one. Especially as I'm dead on my feet after all the badminton. So it's like 6 days good 1 bad lately.

    I'm certain you will get to your goals too one day. Here's to our lifestyle changes.

  • The food is my issue too, I quit smoking over 13 years ago, I quit alcohol 12 years ago but you cant quit food! But I have been online and googled 'inspirational poster for fitness' and I have been writing lots of quotes and sayings and creating a my own little motivation wall. I already feel way more up for this getting fit lark than I did when I started. My fav at the mo is "Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up" a bit cheesey I know but where there is hope, there is a way. I will get back in my karate uniform and I will, one day not too far away kick booty!

  • Exactly well said! I did motivation first this time and other than my holiday set back iv been on fitness for about 6 months solid ( back injury set me back though) it's so powerful once your truest engaged motivated focused. Sweat is just fat crying and you don't want to change as much as you want to sleep are my fav quotes. During first year of uni I even stayed up all night and worked out doing p90x pylo. was a little OTT I do admit...but I guess it's not OTT when that's what you want/need to do to see results as fast as you want them. It didn't take us 6 weeks to get into this mess and it sure as hell isn't going to take 6 weeks to get out of it.

    Off to my 4 hours of badminton...wish me luck! This coach keeps killing me haha

  • I hope your training went well, trainers and coaches seem to enjoy giving you pain but I'm assured by many quotes it is all worth it! I think finding a person who are willing to train into the pain zone for it is good, I quite miss my Karate training actually. It's odd but there is quite a sense of pride in managing to workout so hard you ache the same day let alone the next! or is that just me!!

  • Yeah it's awesome however within 10 minutes I had serious aching pains of shin splints,..I had a break for 20 mins rejoined in and completed the 2 hours but the pain just got worse so I had to resign and not do the 3rd and 4th hours today. I always work rough pain but this was different after reading up on it, it says not to continue as it gets worse and to rest for 2 weeks, so I'm glad I stopped when I did however I will play my last day on Tuesday so good few days of recovery hopefully will fix it. It's the badminton camps last week next week and I only plan to do 1-2 days due to exams. Almost there.

  • Hope all heals well. Keep up the good work I cant believe you are doing exams as well! Managing to keep your brain focused for all that... all I can say is wow! Me I have just discovered a way around a prob. I always had issues with pedometers not being accurate, too much jiggling about I think. but I joined an on line running club and they are all nice and very encouraging, despite the fact I cant even run 1 km yet let alone 5! They also pointed out that I could use an online map router to workout how far I do. Seems so simple but never occurred to me. I can now record my progress and watch improvement, more motivation yeh. I have lost 5lb in last 4 weeks which may not seem impressive but in Summer hols I have been known to put on a stone in 5weeks so I am happy!

  • 1lb of fat per week...5lbs in 4 seems impressive to me. Your bang on target keep it up! May I give you som's not about how far you's about turning up. I see an obese person at the gym daily to the one I go and she gets my respect and you know what she will be he one that gets the results. So don't worry about how far you can run okay, walk/run slow and keep turning up your only racing against yourself or past self. It really is not about measuring yourself vs others, even at the gym your weights are vs your best not others. Great to find a group I do wish I was part of a support fitness and well being group.

    Yeah I failed my neuroscience exam during the summer so I'm back at uni trying to fix that, exam is in 7 days.

  • P.s. Google mapmyrun you can draw out your running grid using google map and it will tell you distance, hills, speed etc

  • cool thanks I will check that out. Thanks for the pep talk, I am always willing to take advice when it is offered. I know exactly what you mean, I have to reign myself in, in the passed I have been known to be a little over zealous and try and keep up with people a lot fitter than me. I have made myself a poster I put in my bedroom saying "Look in the mirror, that is your only competition" At the moment I am winning!!!!

  • Nice idea, maybe go for a run find out the distance then try and run longer, or your new to running I advise to run further rather than harder. Good idea on the poster though good way to focus on yourself rather than others...not only will it help you prevent injury and feeling demoralised if you can't keep up it's about every step you take. If you do want to run a little harder just start by doing like 30 sec jog 1 minute walk intervals otherwise 5-10-15 min jogging will kill you and you won't want to run again. On weekend I ran my first 10k after badminton fantastic achievement...but it's worsened my shin splints so I'm having days really worth it?

  • Congratulations. Sounds like you're enjoying yourself too which is great to read! Hope you reach your goal weight soon.

  • Thank you :) yeah had a great month so far

  • Now weigh 13 stone 3 I did get it down to 2 but the Indian sat night put 1.5 back on. Least it's going down now after my legs grew and it went up in week 1!

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