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I tried the Zoe Harcombe Diet and it worked for me as I lost 12lb, I did not continue and unfortunately for me I gained all the weight and a few more pounds,I did feel really well,now I have a low peak flow and on inhalers not sure if this is atmospheric or asthma,waiting for outcomes.I have to now start all over again .I did feel supported by logging in ,so I will continue to do so



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5 Replies

  • The important thing is back to the real food. Any changes you make have to be enjoyable so you want to stay with them.

  • Yes... arguably the 'diet' that works is not the one which loses the weight but one which moves you into a better place so that you maintain a healthy weight (and intake) long term. Sometimes the reason something works for us is not the 'advertised' reason but something else.

  • Thank you,I notice I do really well and then I re introduce the biscuits and up goes the weight,yes I agree with your reply ,ral food,so here I go again,will stay on here as the support is a great motivator

  • Thank you so much , I agree,I have to enjoy the changes I make and will continue to follow the good advice from here

  • You were so right as soon as I went back to real food ,I regained weight as I had not learned to eat healthy and with the right balance and amounts,so I am now going to change my lifestyle as I believe this will be better for me

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