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Getting started- Again

well here we go again getting started on yet another weight loss plan at the age of 65. My partner and I lost weight together he lost 8 1/2 stones and I lost 3 stones over 18 months however we had a family tragedy which I responded to by binging and here I am again a year later back up by 2 stones. My partner has kept his weight off so this time I'm going it alone as it were which is why I'm here on this site and already I'm enthused by other people's comments. Not sure how the site/forum works so can you tell me is there a system on here of peer support? Or how have others used the forum to help them with motivation? thanks

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Hi NettyH,

At one level you've got a great advantage over many others on this blog - you know how it works and that you CAN do it! So, just get yourself back on that ol' weight-loss bus again and take control of your body weight again. For sure, life events have distracted you from that - that happens to most folk from time to time. But, the thing is you actually KNOW you can do it. Best of luck with it.


thank you so much for the warm welcome- feeling a bit more uplifted and will stay on the bus xx


Hi Netty H

Sorry to hear you've had a bad time and sorry that you've put some of your weight back on. I've been a yoyo dieter and a comfort eater for years. It must be so very hard to face losing weight again - I once lost what I needed to and then a few years later here I am again back to square one. But as returner said you've got the advantage that you know you can do it :)

This site is a great place for help & support. There are various groups for weekly weigh-ins, lots and lots of help with everything from different diet plans to how to get through the morning without hitting the biscuits. I've only been on here for a few weeks but I've found the help & support invaluable and I couldn't have got this far without it.

Welcome aboard the 'weight -loss bus' and all the best

Ruth :)


thank you and returner for the welcome. Yes I will join a weekly weigh in group on site and have been inspired to order an activity monitor so at least when I'm stumbling after the weight-loss bus it will register - xx


Hi NettyH & welcome, I'm just beginning my 2nd week & read this forum daily as I find comfort knowing you are part of something which is positive & striving to improve. Sounds a bit corny but beats seeking comfort in the biscuit tin/fridge!! I also use the Fitness App to monitor calories, thought my enthusiasm would have depleted by now but I'm still 100% motivated & can see myself in a skinny pair of jeans on Xmas day (minus the shoe horn!)


Thanks for the welcome and the good advice, I shall explore the Fitness app - good luck with the jeans


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