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Anyone fancy forming a weekly group?

Hi there. I am new to the forum. I am starting the 12 week weight loss plan and couch to 5k on the 1st September. I'm starting a new job and going from shift work in pubs to much more regular hours in a school so it's time for a completely fresh start. I am wondering if there's anyone out there who's also on or starting the plan who would be up for meeting once a week for a weigh in/catch up in or around the Harrow area? I've tried so many times in the past to lose weight and do really well for a couple of weeks and then have 1 slip and completely give up, so the support of others who are also on the plan and can share their tips/advice for getting back on track would be great and it would be nice to be able to share in our successes.

My name is Carli and I'm 27 years old. I am currently classed as obese, with a BMI of 37, so I have a lot of work to do! I start a new job in September as a teaching assistant at a special needs school in September. I have tried many diets including slimming world, weight watchers, Rosemary Connelly, and even hypnotherapy, all to no avail. I am keen to address my weight problem as I don't want to end up with more serious health complications such as diabetes.

I really hope there is someone out there who would be able to do this, the face-to-face support would be invaluable to me, and I feel that this would help to spur me on in my quest to ditch all this extra weight. Of course, any online help and support would also be much appreciated, I understand that due to geography and work and family life etc may not allow for a weekly meeting.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


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Hi Carly

I don't live nearby but read your letter with interest and thought I might offer some advice.

Firstly- why are you waiting to start in September? It seems to me that you have a new job (well done!) but any change, even positive, will have its stresses. I think you should either start the plan now, before those extra stresses kick in, or leave it until your new routine has settled.

Starting the 12 week plan demands a lot of commitment- so you have to be motivated and determined and I believe that you need to be in a good frame of mind other wise it will become too much and then it will become just another diet to add to your list of 'failures'. I wouldn't want that to happen.

Face to face support will be difficult to find unless you join a group, but these don't seem to have worked in the past.

One thing that made me take up the 12 week plan is that it is about making changes to your lifestyle that will last- not just going on a diet then returning to old habits, and making those necessary changes has to come from your own motivation and desire to make those changes. It is good to have the support of others, and this is an excellent forum for getting that support- but in the end it is you that has to make the changes for yourself.

I would start with looking at what changes you really do want to make- it isn't just about losing weight, but finding a healthier you.

I wish you well in your new job and would be happy to hear how you get on, but don't set yourself up to fail, think about how you can make this work in a positive way first.


Congrats for taking the first step, Carli!!!

I am starting my week 2 of 'NHS Couch to 5k' program. Me and my girlfriend are doing it together and it's motivating. So far so good. :) We live near London Bridge (SE26) area, but you are in Harrow area, perhaps you could join us as well somehow, or for the weekly group? We are on. :)



Hi, I wouldn't mind doing an online group meeting via this... We could start a new thread each week to check in with anyone who wants to join...


Yes online weigh in would be good


I'm up for that if anyone knows how to start it!

Look forward to hearing from you,



I would also question why you are waiting till 1st September.

Go for it now!

You'll feel so much better once you start, Promise!


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