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Just starting week 2

I am giving the 12 week weight loss program a try. I gained a lot of weight in my final year of undergraduate and during masters. This weight I struggled to lose after the masters and now I am working in academia I find activity can be low. It does not help that its very easy to work from home rather than go into the office.

Starting out I was at 17st 7lb and managed to lose 5 lbs in week 1. This seems to be working much better than other attempts. I did at one stage try Weight Watchers and that brought limited weight loss over a few months.

Feeling optimistic for the rest of the weeks.

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Hi there, Well done on your incredible week 1 & welcome aboard.

I've been on this forum only a couple of weeks now but I've found it a massive help and inspiration. (I'm pretty much 'desk-bound' with my work as well but I also find it very hard indeed to get off my bum and do any form of exercise so that is proving a challenge at the moment). Having said that I've managed to shift a bit of weight over the last two weeks (6lbs in total) I've found that having some small -ish goals has helped and I've also been tracking my calories with 'my fitness plan' which I've found really useful too.

Hope you have an equally successful week 2.

All the best



Hi Ruth , well do you ,6lb in 2 weeks that's good going ! I have just finished last run in wk 2 of C25k and feeling pleased with myself ! Weight seems to be coming off a little, official weigh in on Monday , hoping for 2 1/2 lb to make5lb in 2 weeks, need to keep on track this weekend !! Have a good one :)



I am starting my week 2 of 'NHS Couch to 5k' program as well. Me and my girlfriend are doing it together and so far so good. :) We live near London Bridge (SE26) area, if you are around, perhaps you could join us as well. :)



Sounds like your doing great, keep up the hard work. I have started the 12 week plan today! I hope to do as well as youn


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