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trying to lose weight I have hip problems - which exercises are best???

Hi, I've been off and on diets all my life - but found that in the last few years I've put a lot of weight on, I'm not active for a number of reasons:

I find it hard to make time - or am too tired

I have a sitting down job mostly

I work funny hours and snack/eat at the wrong times of day/night

Lastly I have a hip problem which is now moving over to my other hip :-(

I know I eat too much anf of the wrong things - so I'm going to try and change this.

BUT, it's the exercising that I find hard because I'm in pain mostly after jogging/running and sometimes swimming my hips hurt too.

I've tried Zumba which I really enjoyed but felt like the rest of the class were far better than me because I couldn't and didn't want to bring my legs up too high!!

It makes me miserable how my hip hurts and then hence that makes me snack.

Any advise on 'low-impact' exercise or good exercise for 'fragile' hips would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance


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I too have a hip problem. I use a stationary exercise bike as it has a low impact on joints. I started off with 5 mins low resistance, a few weeks later I can do 30 mins of high resistance and now have definition in my legs. I also lift weights, which you can even do sitting on a kitchen chair. I do mine in front of the TV, so I don,t get bored. I love my exercise bike and kettle bells now and my hip is gradually getting stronger.

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Perhaps try Pilates, it is good for improving strength and flexibility. You can do this at home, but if you have a particular problem it might be a good idea to find a properly qualified instructor, have a look on line.

If you enjoyed the Zumba, why not keep going, as long as it doesn't hurt.

Has your doctor given you any help/advice about your hip?

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Penel is absolutely right. Pilates is great i've got a hip pain and Pilates does wonders. i do Zumba (just started) but i use a DVD!!! so no one can...... :)

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I was going to make an appointment with the Doc's to see what exercise is best - possibly get a proper regime in place, but wanted to ask other people first see if they could help. It's a bit of 'rock and a hard place' situation in that I've gained the weight and my hip is under that pressure but exercising to get rid of the weight also hurts too!! I will continue with my diet and add low impact exercise into my daily routine, hoping then once 10-15kg have been lost I could try walking further etc to get my hips used to it again!! Thanks for your help :-)


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