Woohooo sucsess at last :o)

Just wanted to share my good mood with anyone who wants to share it with me. I started out as morbidly obese and 98lb later i am now officially normal based on my BMI for the 1st time ever !!!! Still can't believe i actually did it. Just a few more to go and i can't wait to see what my end results look like. I already look so much better & feel so much fitter than when i stared :o)

Anyone thats having a bad day or is stuck in the weight loss rut that all of us face at some point. Keep going, you can do this and you'll be so glad you kept going when you look back

good luck everyone


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16 Replies

  • Wow! 98 lbs! Well done. Really incredible.

  • That's just fantastic! Well done on all the hard work you put in. You did it!

  • Great to hear of your weight loss. Well done !

  • Congratulations that is a fantastic achievement. You should be very proud of yourself. :)

  • How did you do it? That's amazing. I've started c25k and at the same time started the 5 2 diet. Losing a steady 2 lbs a week. Would like to lose more quickly but I'm told 2 lb a week is good and not to worry. I guess I'm in for about a year of dieting to get to my goal. As you were i am obese, never really dieted or wanted to. I'm really keen to get healthy. I'm 44 and really want to get my energy back. Piled weight on over the last 3 years. I have always been a size 12. It's time to change. I would love to hear how you've done it. Well done...

  • What fab news! You must feel elated :-))

  • Wow good on you!

  • Wow you deserve all the praise possible. Great that the benefits are so apparent too! Very well done. Did you take pics along the way? Without ID-ing yourself, could you post on here? 98lbs. How often did you weigh in? Did you EVER go off track? Sorry for all the questions! I'm so pleased for you.

  • You are amazing ! What an inspiration to us all !! So pleased for you, bet you feel and look great !

  • That's great news. Well done you and thanks for letting us know. A true inspiration. : )

  • You are indeed inspiration to us all! Thank you so much........................

  • Thanks guys, it's really nice to hear someone say well done. My partners fab & makes a real fuss when i do well but he's naturally slim & it means alot to hear it from others who are going through their own weight loss journeys

    I didn't really do anything unusual. I started out counting calories and trying do do as long as i could everyday on my exercise bike (which was about 5 mins when i started out). A few months in i started walking with my cousin and i loved it we've just about covered most of the peak district not to mention a wee bit of mountain climbing along the way ;o)

    Anyway as times gone on i adjusted my calories as needed and basically just tried to stick within my limit which is now 1400kc a day (+i don't count milk in tea or coffee) I've tried to eat healthily plenty of fruit & veg as much of the time as poss while allowing myself a treat when i fancied one so long as i had the calories for it. I've also taken up running & various other workouts along the way so i can mix things up & not get bored.

    as for did i fall off the wagon at any point......oh yes, big time on occasions i don't think it's possible to not from time to time because bad days happen & life is there to be lived. So if i go away on holiday or theres a special occasion i just allow myself to enjoy it. The difference now is that if i have a bad weekend & the voice in my head says i may aswell give up i tell it where to go because if im good 9 times out of 10 then the 1 bad day doesn't make much difference in the end its only when bad days become weeks & months that the problem creeps in.

    From here on i plan to try and lose about another 10-15 lb sticking to my 1400 ish a day and i definately want to start doing more strength work to try and tone up but other than that i figure if it aint broke don't fix it so i'm just going to keep on doing what im doing and it may take a while but i know i'll get there eventually.

    hope that helps x

  • that's brilliant wished I could loose that much but I only been doing this just uner a week so iv got loads to do give me some tips as to how you lost all ur weight

  • Well Done you! What was your secret then? I am only at day 3 and need all the tips I can get!

  • Well done 😀 lovely words for everyone,  really inspiring x

  • Well done that's a great weight loss! sticking with it and keep going sounds like good advice :)

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