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You certainly are an inspiration 3years. Ago I topped scales at 21st my mobility was very bad I managed to loose 2stone but owing to different health issues what cropped up the weight went back on again pluse a bit more I am back on the wagged again have lost a stone and half when you have. Downfalls it is so hard to geet back up again but I know I have got to loose the weight for my health

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Just keep your eye on the ball, this last year I have weighed in on here regularly so that I put on a few pounds here and there but I then lose them again, whereas before I would go on a scale denial and before you know it you have regained what you lost! Good luck


My top weight was 21st 7lb and it is a battle to stay motivated and undistracted be the bad stuff life throws at you. I am down to 19st 12lb but for last couple of years I have been battling between 18st and 20st and it sucks. I have come on here to get out of this rut and make it all the way to the healthy weight I have never got to before. ps I am also only 5'3" and 40 so it is definitely time sorted myself out!

my plan is to write at least 3 something goods about every day to help me see the silver linings on the clouds.


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