Just starting out, advice welcome :)

Hi all, I'm just getting started on another attempt at losing weight. After trying loads of fads like JuicePlus and slimming world, I just can't stick to them. I'm 14.7 st and need to be around 10st to be healthy. I don't care if this takes years, I just want to lose it and keep it off! Any tips on how to make this diet stick?

Thanks all :)


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  • You need to find a permanent plan rather than a diet. Mine is to eat one large meal a day mon-fri and 5/7 days I try and burn off the calories 300-400 during the day at the gym. Others on here do 5:2 We are like alcoholics and I feel I am just in recovery, and if I don't keep an eye on the scales I tend to slip backwards, holidays I eat and drink what I like but then get down to it when I get home. No one thing works for everyone you need to find a long term plan you can stick with, good luck!

  • Having tried many diets over the years and yoyoed the weight straight back on again, 5:2 is the only diet that has worked for me. Three stone off in six months and I've maintained my weight loss since April 2013. Here's a little video that explains more

    It's based on a brilliant BBC Horizon programme that changed my life on 6th August 2012 called "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" which is available on iPlayer bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b... and I'd definitely recommend you watch it.

    The best part about this diet is that once you've lost the weight you want to you just 'fast' (500 calories) only one day a week to maintain. I make sure I weigh myself once a week (first thing on Saturday mornings) so I can catch any rogue pounds before they multiply!

  • nhs.uk/livewell/loseweight/...

    I lost weight following the advice on this site and it has stayed off along with exercise. C25k is brilliant for that .

    I still count calories and am trying to lose another 5 lb or so. I recommend planning meals, not getting too hungry, weighing portions and using smaller plates.

    Good luck and take it slowly.

  • Just cutting out crap like crisp and dont buy it if it is not in the cupboard you won.t eat it l was 18 stone and l am now 15 6 and It took me three months and l exercise every day

  • Hi, the best advice is find a plan that you can stick with that is realistic. I hate gyms, hate running but love yoga and walking. I use a free website sparkpeople.com where I log in the food I eat and any exercise, it's a bit fiddly at first measuring all your food but it breaks down the calories, carbohydrates, protein etc of all your food. You set a target weight and a target time to achieve it and it gives you a calorie range for each day (increases if you do exercise). I find it really practical and it gives you a really good idea of what you can eat in a day to lose weight. I find I'm making better choices because if I don't want to waste my calorie allowance on junk food and then find I'm starving at dinner!! It's also interesting to see which foods are high in calories, which is not always what you think. The site also has a really good forum, exercise videos, motivational articles and a recipe bank. It works for me, there are other sites out there that you could try. The main thing is to develop a healthy lifestyle that you can realistically maintain and enjoy and that you'll feel the benefit of with increased energy rather than a diet that is starving your body, which puts alot of strain on your organs and is really dangerous.

    To stay full, try to eat lean protein and fibre rich foods (think more fruit and vegetables rather than cereals as they are quite calorific). I'm at the start of a weight loss journey so I know how hard it is to get motivated but I'm on Day 3 and so far so good. I'm keeping myself surrounding with healthy food that I like - lots of strawberries and peaches :) Best of luck!

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