Hi been losing some weight but not a lot I am on week 12 now ..I have joined Curves to get a bit more active .now I have found out that my blood pressure is slightly high so goes up to 22pluse rate in 10seconds and I have to cool down I am NOT on meds for this can I carry on ....doctor is keeping an eye on me so to speak BUT unaware of my exersize not to see her for a few weeks yet ....should I stop Curves .....


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  • I think you should go back to your gp sooner than planned if possible just to get checked out as you are worried.

    I'd keep up with Curves. As I understand it, the exercise is relatively gentle there so I would think it would be safe and really help your weight loss.

    Take care & keep us posted.

  • Thank you Judith7 it is easy but hard if you make it but I just take it easy feel great after ..its ònly half an hour and it is making a difference think I will try get early appointment

  • Good luck with getting a prompt appointment.

    Keep up the good work at Curves, especially if it makes you feel great after.

    Think of all those endorphins!


  • Thanks again Judith7 will let you know how I get on thanks for the encouragement x

  • Hi bluexbaby

    When I first started in my attempt to lose weight, I signed up to a spinning class called Cyclone Fitness. During the classes, they would randomly give out heart rate monitors to someone different every time. Eventually I had a turn with it and discovered that during the exercise, my heart rate was going up to 200bpm!!

    I went to the doctors to get it checked and then discovered my blood pressure was extremely high! If it wasn't for going to this class I wouldn't have discovered my blood pressure!

    My doctor advised me to do small amounts of exercise but often as not to get too worked up with my heart rate. I have been doing this, and as the lbs have dropped I have noticed my blood pressure going down! (I invested in my own monitor to keep an eye on my blood pressure at home).

    Obviously I can't give you advice for your situation and you should definitely go back and see your doctor to get checked. I just thought someone sharing a similar story would help you not to feel so worried about it. :) you will get it sorted!

    Good luck


  • Thank you so much Artsoru that does help nnice of you to share your story with me I am going to get things checked out just to be sure its only recent they have notice this also say its not to high ,, I really need to lose the fat round my tummy have came down a dress size so am happy with that ..I have a fatty liver and need to get rid of the tummy ...in saying that I am a golden oldie so it taking me longer lost a stone up till now but stuck thats when I joined Curves

    Thanks again


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