being overweight and I just needed to start somewhere

Hi there, my name is Anne. I have been following the NHS weight loss programme with local classes which has really helped me get going. I had a long way to go and felt really heavy and unfit. So since November, I have started to eat more healthily and of course to have smaller portions. I also make sure I have a lot more vegetables than I did before, and I drink a lot of water, as recommended. So far, I have lost 4 stone, and I have another 3 to go to get anywhere near my initial target weight. I also have started going to an aqua class and I try to do that 4 times a week - it is aerobic exercise in the water at my local pool. It has not been easy, but I just feel so much better, that it really is worthwhile, and I am determined to keep going with this lifestyle change. I am now 63 and recently retired, so this has freed up some time for me to do something about my weight. I am glad I accepted the challenge, and I say good luck to anyone who is embarking on this journey. Anne


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3 Replies

  • Bless You Anne...That is a fantastic achievement...You are an aspiration...x I joined last week and at times find it hard. Reading posts on this site certainly help...So thank you for posting this. I won't have that chocolate that I sat down to eat:)

  • Well done. It is great to feel the effects isn't it. For me that was the motivation.

  • good on you, I am 62 and need to lose weight but I have something wrong with my liver and have difficulty metabolising my food. But you are an encouragement.

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