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Uncountable treats!

I'm logging religiously and majoring on fruit and veg and all is going well. It is the holidays however, and I am going to share them with my family. So, how do you count uncountable things, like fish and chips from the fish shop? Restaurants that don't give calorie counts? I probably won't eat anything else today so might just log a full day's calories and move on to tomorrow.

Any ideas?

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HI there

I've just been onto 'my fitness pal' to see what they count fish & chips as and was suprised to see it was 731 cals which isn't actually a whole day's calories.

I find this one a real nightmare and was just writing a post to Andie85 about how hard it is to keep going when trying to get on in 'normal' life.

Can't say I've any answers, so sorry if this post is useless, but just wanted to say how I sympathise - for what it's worth.

I'm trying a fast day today so I can almost smell those yummy fish and chips.

Maybe put it down to experience and start tomorrow a fresh?

All the best



Thanks Ruth. Good ol' wetherspoons tells me it is 1258 cals! I shared though, so not so bad! My food plan allows me to eat what I like as long as I record it and eat loads of raw fruit and veg. I find that satisfies me and I rarely want treats or a huge number of calories. I find I usually have calories left at the end of the day. When we have a family meal out I tend not to want another meal, so it all seems to fit. I have never found it so easy!

I liked 5:2, but started getting cracking headaches.



Nice one. Well 629 cals isn't that bad at all is it?

I'm not really following any diet plan that strictly. I'm watching my calories and trying to do a day or two fasting as well to keep it up and possibly counterbalance the 'off'days.

All the best and enjoy the rest of your holiday


Ruth :)


If you were getting headaches that means you weren't drinking enough fluids. Some get headaches at the beginning but they soon stop. I did it for the health benefits and will be fasting one day a week for the rest of my life.



I did 5:2 and didn't eat fish and chips whilst I was trying to lose weight - three stone off in six months because I was strict with myself. I guess you could calculate the weight and work it out on MyFitnessPal.


Hi Pklme, i can sympathise as i'm up to week 8 and was going great.....8lbs lost by the end of week 5 and feeling really good :-) Then came the holidays and although I did feel more motivated to eat healthily, there were the inevitable blips, not to mention the Gin and Tonics, odd cocktail and occasional meal out!! I didn't bother getting weighed for the 3 weeks that I was off work, but today I've decided to get back to it, and have had to do the deed and face the fact I've put on 4lbs.

I've found this forum really helpful, and just replying to you is reinforcing my enthusiasm to get back to a sensible routine, knowing that this diet does seem to work for me. Perhaps you can enjoy your fish and chips all the more, if you know that they won't be featuring again for a while!! Good luck!


Thank you! The eating plan I am following seems to allow these treats. At the moment I am still losing despite them, which is comforting. I think I just got a bit panicked about not being able to record it accurately. Realistically though, a best guess isn't going to derail me completely. I think it's a control thing. I will take myself in hand!


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