I can't do this :'(

Guys I have had no determination at all to eat clean :(

I have a fat free yoghurt and fruit and fibre for breakfast

I've changed my wrap for lunch to a chicken breast salad

Dinners I am going to include more egg and veg,

But still around 4 my sweet craving kicks in and I just head for the biscuits :( it's not that I need it, I don't actually crave it, I just want it, I stopped myself last night from having a Special K bar and felt great but my problem is no patience and I think I haven't lose weight yet so I might aswell eat what I want :(

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Fat free yogurt might have sweetness in it if it is low cal.some stimulate insulin the same as sugar - which when it dips causes cravings. Try avoiding sugar and sweetners?


Hi Kez, purleassssse don't give up, the very fact that you are writing a post tells me you don't want to give up & it sounds as though you have structure to your eating plan so don't let a few moments of frustration beat you as I'm sure we all get these. The weight will come off, slow & steady will win the race. You have to stay strong & focused


Hi Kez17,

I would like to challenge your belief that you've had "no determination at all to eat clean" because you have definitely made some positive changes - you have been having a healthy breakfast; you have been eating a good lunch; and you're looking to increase your vegetables for your dinner - it all sounds very positive!

Those biscuits can be challenging, and I empathise with your comment about wanting to eat them, and giving in to that.

But don't give up - you can do it - just keep going and making those healthy changes, and you will succeed. I am not doing very well at the moment, as I am on a bit of a weight gain over the past couple of weeks, but I am determined to get back on track, and I know that healthy eating and exercise is the way to do it.

Keep going Kez.

Lowcal :-)


There can be quite a lot of sugar in yogurt, so maybe some thing to avoid? How about throwing all the biscuits in the bin? I think there is a lot of sugar in fruit & fibre breakfast cereal so best avoided? Quakers plain porridge and shredded wheat are both lower sugar if you make them with skimmed milk.


Plain yoghurt has about 6g per 100g of natural sugar (lactose), which is ok, any more is likely to be added sugar which is not ok. Look out for fructose as well, which is bad news. Full fat plain yoghurt seems to be more likely to help with weight loss than low/no fat (!). Our bodies need some natural fat to work properly and if you go too low fat you can end up feeling hungry a lot of the time. Make sure you are getting a good amount of protein as well.

The mid afternoon biscuit-grab may be a habit that you could break? Perhaps reach for some fruit or a few nuts? It takes a while for your body to get used to a new way of eating, so hang on in there if you can.


Some great tips already, my tip would be preparation preparation preparation. Take lots of fruit and veg to nibble on throughout the day. Something for the morning and something for the afternoon. If you chop up fruit into bite sized pieces you might be more inclined to eat it rather than reaching for the biscuits.

I know its hard but you've got to try and be patient. Your body needs to get used to a different way of eating. This is my 2nd week of slimming world and my weight keeps fluctuating by half a stone. It's really frustrating but I have changed the way I'm eating and I exercising 5 times a week when I did no exercise before.

You will get there. Just try and keep positive. As said above, slow and steady wins the race. Rapid weight loss is normally put straight back on plus more!

One thing you also might want to consider is having one cheat meal a week. It has to be only one meal and not 3 courses. But once a week maybe allow an indulgence. It might help those cravings.

Keep posting on here. I think sharing helps.

Good luck. You can do this. Xx


I have some strawberries or fresh pineapple whenever I crave something sweet and I only buy biscuits that hubby likes and I don't. Makes it easy to resist when you don't have them to hand...


Kez, you’re not alone. I managed two weeks eating sensibly then it all went to pot. All of my week 3 has been full of biscuit binges, secret scoffing and shame. Wanted to start again yesterday but ended up going out for lunch AND dinner as I couldn’t face cooking.

I think I got disheartened by not losing weight. Forgot my principles of how it’s more important to control my eating habits & improve my self esteem than to lose weight, a measurement of how other people see me.

So today I am determined to draw a line under it, take each hour at a time, and if I can make it through just one more hour without eating something unnecessary then it will be an achievement. Maybe it’s something you can try? Just set yourself a target time and reach it without eating

We CAN do it.


I was exactly the same SillyKat!!, I was doing so well for 2 weeks then week 3 I stuffed my face and put back on plus what I'd lost!!, where is the sense in that? I could kick myself undoing all the good/hard work I'd put in. I read all about the success stories on here and it inspires me then off to work I go and then it takes just one of the girls in the office to suggest we have a treat and that's it and I'm bad for the rest of the day and then it spills over into the rest of the week!! I've a dress to fit into for next week for the races, it was tight when I bought it and thought a few pounds would make it feel more comfortable.....but oh no not losing weight but putting more on!!!, oh well a new day and hopefully I can keep on the straight and narrow.

Good Luck with your weightloss!!


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