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First week couch to 5 k completed

Very pleased with myself tonight completed week 1 couch to 5 k, only early stage but a good achievement for me and must get easier when I loose this extra 3 1/2 stone I'm carrying ! It does give you a buzz !

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Nice one Golfgirl ! : )

I've had a terrible week at work but seeing your post has made me smile so thanks so much.

Keep that buzz going

All the best

Ruth :)


Oh sorry bad week for you at work, hope your weekend is better.... I'm going to a wedding reception tonight so will need to keep focused !

Keep smiling !

Yvonne x


Thanks Yvonne.

The weekend is starting now - Yehay!! : )

Enjoy the wedding - bear in mind that dancing is very good exercise and you can easily work off a drink or two. : )

Have fun



Well done. Getting up and doing is the first hurdle. Concentrate on eating well and exercise and eventually the weight will come off. I know. As I am doing the same thing! On my last run of week 6 tomorrow and when I started on this endeavour a 1minute run pooped me out. Now the 22 minute run poops me out!! Good look, and carry on regardless!!


Wow well done -22 mins seems a long way off but hopefully will get there, !!!this site is great for keeping in touch with people at different parts of the journey X


I'm about to start run 2 wk 1- the first run was hard but you do get a buzz so here's hoping that gets me through it again! Well done you tho.


Well done ! Yes the buzz is good after you get over the pain!! Rest day today but was even thinking of going out later while motivated ! Going to a wedding reception tonight so need to keep in control!! Maybe the odd G&T !! Have a good weekend


Well done you! I remember not being able to do the seventh and eighth 60 second runs so well. Nine weeks later I was running for 30 minutes. I'm still amazed that this old body gets out there three times a week!


That's great and I can see if keep pushing myself I will get there ! I went out this afternoon but unfortunately couldn't outrun Bertha and got soaked !! But hey ho - I did it !!!


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