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'The longest journey begins with a single step'

I have just found this site after looking at NHS Choices. I have been diagnosed with a DVT in my right leg, I have been feeling pain in my knee for about 3 weeks, I thought I had twisted it while out hill walking, how wrong can you be?

I'm 66 and retired but quite active, I walk with my dog several times each day and jog a little when I feel good. I ride a bike and intend to do some touring, possibly in Netherlands or Denmark which are flat countries (I hate the big hills)

I was told today at the hospital that I'm about 30kg overweight, which puts me in the 'obese' category! To say that I'm shocked would be an understatement...I'm completely gobsmacked, embarrassed and ashamed. How did I get into this state, which is a rhetorical question, because I know only too well...digestive biscuits, Kettle Chips, pie and chips etc, etc.

Can offer some weight loss advice and support to an old lady?

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Clear all the biscuits and crisps out of the cupboards and all the chips and pies out of the freezer. Give them to a food bank or give them away to people if you don't like the idea of 'wasting' money (although you could see it as being wasted the moment you bought it if it was unhealthy) or otherwise just throw it all in the bin.

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I followed the advice on this site. My tips like Anthony, are not to have these things in the hose, plan your meals & shop to the plan, use smaller plates and don't get too hungry. Good luck.


If you're an old lady I don't want to think of what I am, more than a decade your senior. At your age I was getting married having fallen in love all over again when I was 62.

If you're 30 kg over your ideal weight then yes, that's a lot. It's almost 5 stone. Also, DVT is very serious. The people who gave you this information should also have given you good advice, information, put you in touch with people who can help. Go back to your GP and demand more help!

Biscuits, pie, chips, get rid of the lot. Chuck them out for the birds. You don't need them. Eat proper food. Eat a decent breakfast containing some protein - an egg is the simplest. I don't know what Kettle Chips are, but if they're anything like Walker's crisps you don't need them.

Just a few thoughts.


Thank you for replying. The good news is that I don't have a DVT, I was tested yesterday and told that 'everything is normal' so that's a relief. No, I'm not 'old' I used the term a bit 'tongue-in-cheek' as I was feeling as bit low at the time...I'm actually a very young 66.

I will be stocking up on healthy foods today when I pop into my local market, and the diet starts proper on Monday after easing myself into it over the weekend.

Thanks again. x


I've just had my 79th birthday - was taken by my darling husband to Bruges (Brugge) for a special weekend away to celebrate - and I don't think of myself as 'old'. I read about a 100-year old gentleman just this morning who says he won't give up driving until he feels old!

Good news about the DVT. I don't agree with so many people who say 'the diet starts next Monday...' Today is the start of the rest of your life! Not next week, next Monday, but today!


Firstly, you're not old. You're obviously quite strong so use that strength in another direction. Get more help with the DVT, get rid of the high calorie food, start again in the foods department, porridge is brill made with water and sweetener. You will be healthier by Xmas!


Thank you for the advice, I like porridge but made with skinny milk not water, and I sweeten it with dried mixed fruit, or a banana.

The good news is that after being tested yesterday, I do not have a DVT, which is a great relief.

I used the term, 'old lady' a bit tongue in cheek, I'm really quite fit and my outlook is that of a woman many years younger.

I will be buying lots of healthy foods, fruit and veg, from my village market later today and then I can get going properly with my diet.

Thanks again. x


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