Argh why???

So the plateau has been beaten and i'm back on the losing track :) Made the mistake of measuring my hips and waist this morning and have found they have both increased by an inch, how is this fair? I have lost almost 2 stone since the last time I bought a smaller size and yet my midsection is stubbornly refusing to shrink. My clothes look a little odd now as my leggings are loose on my legs but I can't buy the smaller size as my waist hasn't shrank in 2 months. My shoulders are shrinking so are my arms now they look a bit disproportionate to the rest of me. Sometimes I really hate PCOS! Not sure how true this is but I have heard that belly weight is quite stubborn to shift with PCOS. Oh well, onwards I go, sorry, just needed to rant :(


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  • This is same for me belly fat won't go drop 3 bra size but only one trouser size and nothing fit everything is baggy on my bum an thigh but for me on the waste xx

  • I have also went down a couple of bra sizes, I am happy the back fat is going and my boobs aren't shrinking, I was a bit worried about that. I do like the shrinking bum, I thought that might have been a problem area but it's going, just the stubborn belly is left xx

  • Oh the joys of pcos. However, because it's the first place you put fat on, it's the last place your body will take it from. It will go though, just keep trying.

  • It's not getting a choice :) It's going, at some point soon I hope.

  • Well done on coming so far! Keep going, Kate.

  • Thank you :)

  • Tone your arms and shoulders? Shouldn't take long either if you feel you have no fat on it. You can't choose where fat comes off I'm 18%& arms 25% belly go figure. But if I keep on cutting my body I won't have anywhere to take it from except my belly.

    Remember losing weight is not the same as burning fat. Lots of things diet, salt, water retention, time of day relate to weight have either burnt fat or you havnt.

  • Oh there's still fat on my arms and shoulders, just quite a bit less than there was. I also don't really want to put a little definition on my arms while the belly is still so obviously fat, that's only going to highlight the problem. The toning will come later as I do think slightly toned arms look nice. The belly fat isn't getting a choice, it is going to go :)

    I always do any measuring/weighing first thing in the morning after using the bathroom, it's the closest to consistency I can get. I burn fat through cardio, I quite like a brisk walk or put on a dvd and do that so the fat should be getting used, it just seems to be getting used from everywhere except where i'd really like it to go from, even my arse is getting smaller, just not the belly.

  • Muscles mass burns calories faster which will reduce your belly fat...especially if you work legs and back. Large multi joint exercises with a good healthy calorie controlled diet no problem :)

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