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Lunch/snack ideas

Looking for ideas for lunch and snacks, i love bread and used to have up to 6 slices a day, now i'm trying not to have it too much but struggling with what to eat cos i love sandwiches lol!

I've been having salad but its getting boring.

Trying to use my fitness pal as well as its really good at showing me what's better than others.

Snack ideas too - so i stop eating biscuits lol!

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Do you eat wholemeal bread?


Hi Scarlet 38,

My advice is to have a limit for bread, I found two slices a day worked for me. And try to eat really 'good' nutritious types of bread and not loaves of stodge.

Also, I found it helpful to find a (reasonably) low (ish) calorie biscuit, Digestive Lites perhaps, and again I set myself a limit of two a day. And in fact the dog sometimes had some of that allocation!

The point really is that it's very much about re-training your eating habits and if you keep shovelling the bread, cakes and biscuits in, just as I did for many years, then you're gonna find it hard to get your body weight to sensible and healthy place.

My office desk drawer used to be an Aladdin's cave of assorted 'treats', mainly chocolate covered. But no more. If you find anything to eat in or on my office desk now, then it's probably a piece of fruit.


10 whole almonds, 69 cals! Try a low cal pasta salad? What of cheese on toast.....................I buy swiss sliced cheese, and sometimes have two slices on toast. I eat quite a few red, and coloured peppers, also raw carros as snacks.


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