First ever gym experience

I've just got back from my gym induction and an hour or so session. It was pretty interesting/exciting but also a bit embarrassing.

The lady showing me round showed me a cross trainer and got me to try it out - all good. Then she proceeded to show me a slightly different one. Without even realising it, when I tried out the second one I'd started walking backwards on it, and remarked 'ohh, yes, this one *is* different, it goes backwards!' before she told me that actually, no, that was just me doing that and I could walk forwards if I wanted to.

It was fun to try out the machines and I did a bit on the resistance machines, ten minutes of gentle rowing, some cross training, and cycled just under three miles. Not too bad for the first go, I reckon.

It was a bit intimidating being surrounded by super fit people, including a man who probably could have raised sea levels considerably with the amount of sweat he was producing doing the plank on a vibrating machine. However, it was fun and I'm excited to go again. I'm thinking I may alternate between swimming and the gym each time though, so it'll be back to the pool tomorrow or whenever I go next.

Now for a healthy lunch :)


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13 Replies

  • Good for you! It's a good idea to alternate workouts. Variety keeps things interesting. I get what you say about intimidating and the gyms being full of fit people! LOL

  • Haha glad I'm not the only one feeling that way!

  • Fantastic motivation and following the gym visit through sarara, yay!

  • Thanks! Just got to keep motivated each day to do some sort of activity/gym regularly :)

  • You could name it Sararas 30/30 plan (30 minutes a day for 30 days)! Gym, swim trim plan:)

    Your mantra as you wrote above : "KEEP MOTIVATED EACH DAY" x

  • Haha I think it's going to take more than 30 days unfortunately! :P

  • Glad you enjoyed it. Whilst I enjoy running outdoors, I do miss the variety of the gym, will be rejoining of or the winter.

    I go backwards on a cross trainer if I don't think carefully before I start :) it's not a bad thing though, it uses different muscles. I ended up with a plan that was 2 mins forward/1 min backwards, changing direction can be fun if the "pedals" stop in the wrong place though!!

  • It was quite nice going backwards actually! I may try the alternate forwards/backwards thing sometime :)

  • Just to let you know...we're not watching...we don't care...and the fact your in there 99% of gym goers especially the fit ones would give you a good on ya pat on the back. We want people to improve their lives...that's what we are all there for. It's the ones scared to get through the doors and to work hard....I personally love seeing someone obese working their ass off at the gym...Duno maybe I'm weird makes me wana like follow their lives and profile like on biggest loser n help them.

    Seriously well done for getting started :) here's to the next chapter in your life. Good luck.

  • That's not me calling you obese :) like the guy raising sea levels...he's working his socks's motivating for me at least. I kinda get a buzz from sweating so hard but push to keep on going, nice challenge :)

  • Hahaha no, I know what you mean. I know they don't care anyway but I guess it's just a bit like if some awful singers were in a singing class with Beyoncé or something :) anyway I'm not going to let it get to me! :)

  • sounds a great experience. i have still to go back to gym(loved it but had an unrelated injury) swimming and aquafit at the moment but hope to be in the gym soon

  • Oh that's annoying - I know the feeling. My knees are dodgy so I quite enjoy swimming too.

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