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Gillian Riley Eating Less?

Hey guys! Hope you are all well! So, everyday I try to eat normally (3/4 okay portions meal with no snacking besides fruit/water) but I end up losing and end up snacking and comfort eating because 'i feel sorry for myself' but I know its all down to me and it is my fault. Anyway, is getting the gillian riley eating less book worth it? and does it really help and work? Thank you.

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I'd advise you to watch this programme "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" disclose.tv/action/viewvide... which led to

Use MyFitnessPal and log every mouthful you eat and don't buy the food you comfort eat!

All of these are free programmes and apps and will change your life!


Hi, I know nothing about the book, but recognise your feelings very well! This time I am doing it differently. Instead of eating less and going without certain foods I am choosing to eat particular healthy things. By the time I have eaten it all, I rarely want anything else!

So for breakfast I use a blender to make a kind of smoothie from raw fruit and veg. After a big glass of that I don't want anything else. I fill a large bowl with raw peppers, baby spinach, sweetcorn, carrot sticks cucumber etc. Then add treats like mixed nuts, or Boursin cheese, chicken etc. I reckons after that lot I have had at least 8 servings of raw fruit and veg. I eat healthy fats like avocado, cheese, nuts and seeds. if I fancy a bag of crisps after that, then I have one.

I still have loads of calories left for a normal evening meal with my family. I lost 3lb this week, even though I had two pub meals including a pint.

I am a happy bunny, eating whatever I want, as long as I eat loads of raw fruit and veg first!


I agree with Pklme. You probably aren't feeling satisfied with your meals. Maybe you aren't eating enough good fats - fats help you feel satisfied. Maybe you are eating too many carbs/sugar? These tend to make me crave more and make me snack/give in. I eat 3 meals a day, no snacking in between, low carbs, good amounts of fat and loads of veg and the odd glass of wine. I haven't felt like giving in/binging or even snacking. 12lb in 4 weeks and I'm happy!


This book has helped me change the way I see food entirely. It may not work for everyone but It has helped me identify the reasons I overeat, the triggers that set me off & has useful exercises to help practice the act of not eating. Not gonna lie, its taken a while to really engage with the concept of choice, but once I got it, it just made so much sense. The fundamental point is that I don't have to eat, it's entirely my choice, & I know the benefits of not eating something unhealthy outweigh the immediate benefit of eating what I thought I wanted.


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