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Just thought I'd keep you all updated!

Today I got my 30 day pass at the local gym! I've got my induction for the gym booked for tomorrow morning but today I enjoyed a nice energised swim. Forty minutes of swimming (and a little relax in the jacuzzi, sauna and steam room :P ) which I was pretty chuffed with.

Tomorrow I'm going to have my first attempt (EVER) in the gym after my induction. I'm really looking forward to it but hope the novelty won't wear off.

One problem, however. It occurred to me this morning that the only pair of trainers I've used or owned for the past nine years are these Velcro numbers my mom bought me for the start of secondary school...

Any suggestions on a cheap but good brand/pair of trainers? I just need something good enough for the gym really, so don't need anything too fancy I hope. (Also I don't know if it makes any difference but I have wide feet).

Sara :)

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Good luck! I was really nervous on my induction but soon settled in and just keep your mind focused on what you want to achieve. Today I had my review at the gym and achieved 15 seconds doing the plank which to me was amazing although I know I need to build it up..one step at a time! Footwear wise I have a pair of nike think they were about forty pound as they needed to be sturdy enough to support me on the treadmill and also a couple of the classes that I do. I am sure you will have a great time. You saying about the steam room has made me think I could do going I there tomorrow, so thank you! x


Thanks and well done! I used to do the plank a lot at a body conditioning class a good few years ago... It's not easy! Try doing an additional ten seconds each week, whilst listening to some music to keep you motivated.

I'm looking forward to the induction but I doubt I'll know how to use barely any of the machines! It could be interesting :P

I did think Nike might be a good idea - will have a look online this evening to see if I can find a pair :)


Congratulations. I did a 30 minute walk this evening. Will try to do 10 mins on the exercise bike before I go to bed and soem karate punching exercises. If you're not too fashion conscious and want wide fitting then I would suggest buying trainers from asda. I have very wide feet and in shoes have to buy the H wide fitting from clarkes. However I found that the asda trainers were a great fit - I had one size up from my normal size as would be wearing thick socks, and they were an excellent fit. You will probably need to replace them before too long as they are not the most robust, however as they are cheap that doesn't matter so much.


Sounds good! If 'normal' (non-wide fit) trainers will fit me then that's fine by me, I'm just not sure if they would or not. Saying that, I imagine that most trainers are more flexible and would allow more give than your typical shoe or heel! I don't have an Asda close by but may have a look online. :)


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