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Weekly weigh in 4/8

After 2lb on (21st/7) I got back to it... no weigh in on 30th as not here. But weighed today and -4lb (not bad seeing as the kids are on holiday) so thats now 18 st 10lb That is a total of 1 stone so far. (In 1 month) I am determined to keep going this time and posting on here seems to be helping cos I feel embarrassed if I gain. and its as if I have let you all down.

So good luck everyone don't give up!!!!!

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HI Grizzly

I'm relatively new around here. I've been on my most recent diet for 10 days now. I also find the support on here really helpful.

Well done you for losing 4lb & the stone in the month. I have to say it gives me great hope and inspiration to keep going.

Thanks so much



I to,am starting tomorrow,I have done this before but did not follow on,there is alot of information on here with the replies that people send to each question,worth scanning through for information to help with meals


Well done. I know what you mean about posting on here being a way of encouraging you to keep at it.


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