Day 1

Day 1

Here goes...

Thought I needed a photo of myself to keep me motivated. I think I still don't quite realise how much weight I've put on, but this really brings it home. I'm not proud of it and it's by far the least attractive photo of me to date - but that's the point, I guess.

I plan to reach my goal weight by the 2nd May 2015, so let's hope that I'll be posting a photo I'm a lot more proud of then.



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17 Replies

  • Good idea! I'm to be a bridesmaid May 2015 and have a similar goal to lose weight. Good Luck! I stuck my picture to my fridge as a reminder if tempted by food! :)

  • Sounds like a good idea! I'd do the same if I lived alone but I'm not sure I fancy the parents/friends coming across my near-naked bod whilst looking for a snack! :P It's saved on my phone and engrained in my memory (unfortunately) however! Good luck with reaching your goal too - keep us posted :)

  • Well done. You are brave and with that much bravery and determination you will be able to get to your goal!

  • Thanks, Jlmitch :) I really hope so!

  • Good luck, I'm sure you will succeed.

  • is the answer to your prayers! I lost three stone in six months and my daughter is losing seven pounds a month. It's so effective and there are no slimming club memberships to pay - I saved a fortune - and I've been a size 10 now since April 2013. :) :) :)

  • Hi gingernut49 :)

    Congrats on your weight loss! I've heard about the 5:2 diet before from friends. Personally, I'm reluctant to go down that route because I'm looking for more of a lifestyle and diet change that I can stick to long term. That's really good that it's worked so well for you though :)

  • It's a lifestyle change for me as fasting has been proved to reduce the risks of dementia, cancer and diabetes. I have been doing this since August 2012 after watching the BBC Horizon programme "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" which is currently on iPlayer with other Horizon programmes. Before you dismiss it out of hand do watch that little video. The best part about it is when you've lost the weight you need to you just switch too fasting one day a week to maintain and for the health benefits.

  • Hm that's interesting - I'll watch the Horizon programme sometime - sounds good :)

  • Here you are - It will change your life!

  • Great, thank you! :)

  • Different ways of losing weight work for different people. The 12 week plan seems to work for many people, but I found I had to follow an alternative plan.

    Good luck with finding what works for you.

  • Hi Penel,

    Thanks for the link - looks interesting. A few of those things I've been trying to do a bit more of recently, so I'm glad I've got the right idea. :) and the rest I shall bear in mind

  • Hi Sararara,

    Are you planning on doing any exercise? I'm finding it really hard to stick to doing exercise. Today I'm planning to mow the lawn, use the exercise bike, and go for a walk. I seem to be stuck at around 14 stone 10 at the moment.

  • Sounds like a busy day! I think I definitely want to get more active, whether that's exercise or just more activity in general. Today I've walked to the shops and back (a bit over two miles) so that's a start. I'm just about to ring up my local gym to find out about joining.

    I suppose it's also about making sure that every day is an active one, rather than having one day doing lots and then spending the rest of the week doing nothing.

    You sound like you're on the right track :)

  • Save your money and buy a Fitbit instead of joining a gym. It's a little gadget that gets you walking more. When I got mine a year ago I was barely walking a mile a day. Now I walk or run around five miles a day. I have the little Zip.

  • Try the NHS Couch to 5k podcasts. They're amazing and get anyone running in nine weeks.

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