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Not quite loosing it!!

Ok all you successful people. Here's my story so far....

52 yrs old just 14st and want to lose 1.5st. For the past 3 weeks I have used "myfitbeespal" app and eaten 1800 cal per day. For the first week I cycled 24 miles 3 times. For the following two weeks I cycled 24 miles for 5 days each week. Total weight loss =1pound!!

I also have an active job on my feet most of the day....

Answers / ideas / solutions???


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Hi Brian -

Can't say I know much about this kind of thing but.....I have heard that muscle does weigh more than fat and with that amount of exercise I'm guessing you must be building up muscle. Did you measure your chest, waist, arms,legs before you started? A friend of mine once went on a really healthy diet which made her feel really good and look much better but she didn't lose weight. Having said that she did have a smaller waist, arm and leg measurement. Don't lose hope. Just because the scales aren't saying you've lost weight doesn't mean you aren't getting healthier.

All the best


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It seems that calories are only part of the story, the kind of food you eat also affects your weight loss. Try to have protein with every meal and go easy on the carbohydrates, especially avoiding any "white" carbs, like sugar, white bread and breakfast cereal.

Different things work for different people, I find I'm best with a Low carb/Full fat diet. Perhaps try experimenting with your food intake? Good luck!

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I agree with Penel. Have a look at high fat low carb. It is working for me where low fat and some carbs failed miserably (and made me miserable and constantly hungry with a tendency to binge!). dietdoctor.com/lchf I'm not hungry, haven't had any cravings for carbs/sugar and after lots of research I'm very happy that it is a healthy diet (the Swedish gov advocates it for weight loss after an independent team of doctors reviewed scientific studies). Have a look at the material on this site and see if it suits you. It's a bit of a mental leap to start eating fat but once you see the pounds start going it it feels OK.

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I tried every diet under the sun, only to lose weight, stop calorie counting and pile it all back on again. I lost three stone in six months on the 5:2 Diet

and have kept it off since April 2013. Nothing complicated at all and no slimming clubs to join. And it really works!


I'm no expert but that sounds like a lot of calories I'm about the same and mty calories are about 1300 daily. Perhaps reduce the daily calories for a week and see if that helps also look at your carb intake.


Hi, well how are you feeling and looking after such good cycling efforts - the sound great!

And it's very good you can be on your feet at work. I wonder if it's worth mixing up the type of exercise ? Swim, ? Walking briskly or a jog / walk programme to use alternative muscle groups and keep your body on it's toes as it can plateau when doing the same exercises, that said I love cycling as a way of cross training and reducing impact on non jog/run days and it's a great exercise to have in your routine!

Guess you're counting fluids too - water being calorie free - there is a lo of sugar in many drinks and fruit juice is very high too. Never mind those sports drinks !

Keep at it, mix it up, maybe measure your basic statistics (chest, waist, hips, thighs) - muscle retains more water as you build it up but it is smaller in volume than fat so I think it is a combination of how you look and feel, weight and nutrition . Things do slow down (I'm 50), and kick starting our metabolism with various exercise half an hour daily really will help with weight and particularly health. Keep going and I hope you get a good load of ideas and suggestions from everyone - 'slow & steady'!


Thanks for all the tips guys, I am now changing a few things around to see how we go.

Lets hops things start to go down, especially my body fat!


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