Feeling great

I'm really pleased with my self. I've lost 5lb in 3 weeks and feeling really good. I dont only watch what I eat but sort of eat what I want within reason (treats mainly) It's been more of watching my portion sizes and exercising and now I'm seeing great results as well as losing inches and everyone has noticed. It's great. Sorry for going on just wanted to share


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10 Replies

  • Congratulations. Five pounds loss is great.

  • Aww thank you Anthony xx

  • Don't apologise for doing well. You've every right to enjoy your success. I'm just starting out - day 5 - and it's really helping seeing how others have succeeded. Good on you.

  • Congratulations! I'm really pleased for you. :))))

  • Great stuff!

  • Well done, if you have recognised that portion control is the key together with moving more. I have add the same awakening! Started calorie control in april using ' myfitnesspal ' app to calculate evety day, and walking an hour 3 times a week. Slowly, 1 pound or so at a time I've now lost 15lbs and like you am feeling very pleased with myself . It is the most weight loss success ive had in my entire 61 years!, Good for you keep it up. :)

  • 15lbs is a fantastic achievement, well done! I had reached the 14lb benchmark the other day and felt very proud of myself. But this morning, I know I shouldn't have weighed in but I'm staggered to see a 2lb gain so the first stone hasn't really gone! Did this happen to you? I have been eating well below my BMR calories on all days apart from one.

  • I had exactly the same thing happen recently. I reached 14lbs then the next week back to 12lbs, then 13lbs, then latest is 15lbs... So whether it will fluctuate again I dont know. I often have days when I go over the 1200cals, but I look at the week as a whole so that my AVERAGE is no more than about 1350 or so.

    For my age my personal BMR is 1740. So if I reduce each week by 3500 ( = a pound of fat) then that is a pound lost per week - but if I only reduce by 3500 every ten days it is still a pound lost , but much slower.

    I only weigh myself every 10days cuz then Im more likely to always see a downward trend and that cheers me up! Everyone finds their own best way to do this though. Good luck you to you too.

  • Weight loss varies day to day, an average week, if you weigh yourself every day is the average between the weights.

  • Well done! You've found what works for you, so stick with it.

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