I want to lose weight!

I want to lose weight bt it's very hard to start bcos I love my sweets! I'm thinkin of doin now seriously n I need motivation for that.


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  • Hi there

    I've only just started and my thing was crisps - sooo hard to stop but I've found that if I try to view it as doing myself a favour - for not eating them... rather than 'treating' myself with them it sort of helps. I also thought I couldn't manage with out them and though it's only been 5 days I'm really surprised at how it's gone. I've eaten shed loads of raw carrot though... Hope I don't turn orange! Maybe you could try just doing a day or an shorter length of time without the sweets and then try to build up from that. I find looking at smaller amounts of time easier to get my head round.

    Do hope you manage it. There's loads of support on here and everyone seems so friendly and helpful. All the best Ruth

  • This was me in February I am now two stone lighter, I was the original digestive muncher. If I can do it so could you. Good luck xx remember lots of water and lots of protein xxx

  • Motivation comes from within. Have you ever considered what it would be like to live in a time when sweets were just not available? Or when sweets were rationed to 4 ounces a week - about as much as a small chocolate bar? How did people survive that? Well, they did, and it wasn't a hardship.

    If you want it enough you'll find a way to do it. I've been watching the Commonwealth Games and I have the greatest respect for what those athletes put themselves through just to get there, to compete. That's motivation for you.

  • I'm not an expert but just an idea - how about letting yourself have one sweet a day provided you've achieved your goals for that day (e.g. done the amount of exercise you'd planned to and kept under your limit of calories you've set yourself)? Things like chocolate and sweets aren't too bad so long as they're only consumed in small portions, surely?

    Or you could try substituting sweets for fruits which naturally contain sugar. :)

  • Giving up the sweet stuff can be difficult as many people find it's addictive. It took me several goes. You have to work out whether you can go "cold turkey", or prefer to phase it out gradually, setting yourself a target date.

    I found that after I had been sugar free for a few months I was able to eat something sweet without craving more. Watch out for added sugar in things like breakfast cereals.

    There are several sites giving advice on giving up sugar. This is one of them.


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