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Lost motivation - how do I find it again?

I've been doing well with my exercise, weight loss has been slow but I've kept plodding along but with the kids.off school I've struggled to find time to exercise and found myself piggin g out. I've also had a crap time with people who.I thought were friends but have decided I'm not - feeling a bit down so that hasn't helped. I also have IBS which affects my diet. Motivation tips please - I'm doing my gym instructor qualification in 6 weeks and I don't want to be the fatty!!!

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Hi Scarlett,

Sounds to me that not wanting to be the fatty at the Gym instructors exam is pretty good motivation :-))

It must be tough with the children off school and having so little time to yourself but can you turn that into a benefit by getting active with the children? Walks, games, swimming?

I don't know how old your children are s it's hard to make suggestions.

It is really horrid to be let down by friends but don"t feel too badly about it - if they were not true friends then you are better off with out them. So, come on now, chin up, put a disc into the player and boogie as you do the housework! And make sure you join us all on Monday for the weekly weigh-in. You'll find you have lots of friends on here.


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