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Here's my first post on here. I decided that I really do need to start exercising more and eating smaller portions in the hopes of losing some weight. I used to be a slim individual who took dance classes a few times a week. When I started college and came to the end (due to age) of my time at my dance school, I started gaining weight bit by bit. Five years on, I have put on around four stone...

My mother's diabetic (type 2) and keeps harping on about how she doesn't want me to become diabetic too. It can be quite frustrating and can grate on me sometimes when she (and other family members) make comments about my weight, but I know that they are only concerned.

Now I've graduated from university (a few years in which I wasn't as happy as I should have been), I have the time and the motivation to actually do something about the weight I've put on and get back to being active again. I'm hoping it will get me feeling more energised too, as I have felt so tired and apathetic over the past few years.

Tomorrow, I'm off to the gym for the first time in ever (the one time I went at college for the induction doesn't count). I want to get into swimming and up my fitness. I have problems with my knees, so I thought swimming would be a better idea (and more enjoyable personally) than running, which can put quite a bit of strain on them.

I'm going to try to reduce my portion sizes too and eat more healthily! I've been a vegetarian since 2006, but still don't eat as much veg (and fruit) as I should do.

Good luck to everyone else, and here goes!


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You need to watch this video. Your mum needs to watch this video. intensivedietarymanagement.... There are other very interesting videos on that site as well.


Thanks for sharing. I know my mom is very careful with her diet but I'll show it to her sometime.

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Well done Sararara,

You've taken a decision to make a start and that's what it needs - that one small first step. LowCal organises a weekly weigh-in for is on Monday morning sk I hope we shall see you there each week.

Have you had a look at the nhs 12 week programme. It has lots of useful weekly stuff that helps to keep you on track. Swimming is good and so is the gym once you get used to going. Most local councils have special offers on during the Summer holidays so that helps to keep the cost down.

Please keep in touch and let us all know how you are getting on.

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Hi Autumn-Witch. I have indeed seen the 12 week program and plan to print it off tomorrow so I can follow it. I've also set myself a target date down to get to a target weight (9st, 11lbs is the upper limit of 'healthy' for my height). It's a long way away as I'm aiming to lose at least a pound per week, and I have just under three stone to lose, but I don't want to be unrealistic!

I plan to blog on here as a way to keep myself motivated and for anyone who's interested in following my (hopefully!) progress.



I think portion size can make a huge difference. I cooked an indian meal using wholemeal rice and when I weighed out the recommended rice portion for one person it was half what I expected. Basically I have been eating double portions without realising it.


I think you've got a good point, Anthony2014. I know a lot of my meals are probably too big too, and I have a bad habit of ordering sides to go with a main meal if I eat out.. Definitely something to watch :S :)


Hi Sara,

it looks like we have similar profiles except I'm nearly 29 ;)

I am in a deskbound job and the weight has crept up slowly year after year. My Mum is also type-2 diabetic and so is one of my sisters. I am rather short (160cm) so any weight gain shows quickly :S

Like you I feel like I have lost my energy over the years and I am keen to get it back. There is a gym near where I live but it's rather pricey (the joy of living in London...) so instead I'm walking to and back from work and will do some exercise at home or in the nearby park . I'm not crazy about running as, like you, I believe it can put strain on my knees.

Ideally I would like to lose 10 kgs but 5kgs would already be great (sorry I'm using the metric system as I'm French ^^).

Anyway good luck to you and I'm looking forward to check your progress which I'm sure will happen ;)


How funny - sounds like we are pretty similar! I'm also 5'2! So unfortunately yes, you're right, the smallest amount gained can really show...

It's a shame that gyms are so expensive. There should be some sort of government scheme to help. I've just had a healthy lunch and waiting for a while before going to join the gym and have a swim! This is a first :P

Good luck too and keep us posted!


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