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how the heck do you lose water weight?

Water retention midsection problem since feb 2013 gained 10lbs overnight pretty much took a yr to drop off no exercise or water pills really helped so how if anyone out there knows do you get rid of this type of weight? I look 30 lbs bigger than I weigh it is frustrating and upsetting to say the lest a cruel lifes' joke at that :) Any feedback or advice would be a blessing as I am on my way to beachballdom again!! LOSING IT!

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Water retention occurs following sodium the salt in your diet and also is attracted with carbohydrates which is why models cut all carbs out in the 24-48 hours pre photo shoot to drastically drop their water weight.

However I'm not saying you don't know what water weight is, I'm saying make sure your checked over by a gym instructor for body fat % and posture. Not everything is water weight you might even have anterior pelvic rotation which makes u stick your bum and stomach out making you look fatter than you really are.

Note - the cutting carbs is only a very short term solution and should not be done for weeks at a time as it is not a cure!mi would assess your physiology anatomy and diet before ruling water weight. Good luck!


Scientific studies have shown that cutting out carbs long term is Not a problem. Advice given to people since the 1970s to eat a low fat, relatively high unrefined carb diet is now scientifically proven to be vey bad. See here , essential viewing as many myths of dieting sate debunked by a Canadian renal consultant who uses diet to reverse type 2 diabetes.

intensivedietarymanagement.... See also the diet doctor - a New Zealand doctor who has done much work on studying low carb diets and has lots of advice. Here he explains why eating low carb long tem is Not a problem dietdoctor.com/seven-months

I'm not saying you should to eat low carb - I don't know what causes water retention . I'm just saying low carb isn't a problem. It is difficult to find diet advice that is actually true! There are so many myths and so much incorrect information out there. I am doing low carb high fat. I've been doing it a month. My skin has improved amazingly and I've lost 10lb. I'm feeling energetic and fine.


Hi everyone haven't been here for a while thought I would check it out again


Louise67 no reply ? lol


I would certainly try the Low Carb High Fat [LCHF] way of eating. Before we all got brainwashed into eating low fat high carbs in the 1970's that was always considered to be a healthy way of eating. It's not just counting calories either but the quality of those calories that is important.

Also have you considered that the bloating might be due to a food intolerance? Wheat for instance?

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Thankyou for some of the replies but I do not think any of those salt, high carb, etc apply to me I do not eat a lot of salt and I do not have to eat to bloat out to the point where I look like I am about to give birth . Dr's are useless and all say different things most commonly that is what happens deal with it and exercise.Well exercise I did and it did nothing as bloating and water does not respond to it. I am extremely lost here not knowing why? I saw an integrative medical Dr. who does not want me to exercise although my bum and legs need it and is looking at my adrenals and digestive problemsand wants me to fast for 2 days on water, then have only 500 calories solid food on day 3,and after that???? I do not even know where to start as I need my coffee to jump start what little energy it gives me once I wake up. L:ik I said I was doing ok and finally after a yr of hell pj's and hoodies to conceal my beachball and rolly polly body I do not recognize as my own anymore invasion of the body snatchers scenario where someone stole mine and put there's on my head..lol ugghhhh! I wanna scream it is summer and my belly seemed to be resuming its shape and flatness and for the life of me I do not know why or hat I did different but now it is history repeating itself. I need help and cannot get any answers from the medical community! So damn fed up I hope I can wear normal clothes at Christmas or will life play a cruel joke once again by allowing me a peek at my old self for a month and then snatching it away :(


I dont know what age you are, but presumably your reproductive cycle / hormone balance has been ruled out ? And are you actually overweight or isvthis just a 'shape' concern?


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