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Need some advised ???

This is what i have been doing for the last 2 weeks, is it ok ??

Rough Idea of what i do every day

Breakfast - banana, one egg

Lunch- porridge

After gym- fruit

Dinner- Steam sea bass fillet or Boil chicken + Veg

Lot of water and only water

( l gym for 55 min non stop on treadmill at level 6 with 5.8 speed)

( After work i walk 45 min fast, sweat like hell)

(Gym 5 day a week)

(Walk EveryDay, except heavy Rain)

In this two week l lose 10pound, it is too much ??

Here is some background info

start at a weight of 275 pounds last year November, but stop in-between of couple of month

Right now my weight is 230 pounds (31/07/2014)

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Your not eating enough congrats on your weight loss though...but that's what it is...it's weight loss and not fat loss...sure you've burnt fat but only 1-2lbs not 10. Because you have sod all carbs in your diet your actually losing water weight from the carbs. Your also eating lots of sugar from fruit. Try putting the porridge for breakfast slow releasing with a fat free Greek yoghurt or something. Remember uv been asleep aka starving yourself for 9 hours...a banana is not gona cut it for breakfast :) you need to repair muscle lost overnight and get the energy for the day. My guess...u probably feel kinda low on energy during your days. No snacks means your. Again your dinner is actually really good, but you have no carbs again. Carbs are not your enemy over-eating is.

Stick to 50% carbs 30% protein 20% fat! aim for 2000 calories for men 1500 for women. Try and get 2 snacks in day between your meals so that your metabolism keeps burning and doesn't go into starvation where it stores carbs rather than burning them as self preservation.

45lbs dropped is super good well done. As we all know 230 is still a fair bit of weight so your not ready for body weight exercises yet as it can do damage to your joints and tendons although squats are fine if your have range of motion. Try not to stay on walking, your body gets used to it and it becomes easier you must test it....I.e. It's called a workout, so work. That being said, minimum use a 1% incline...on treadmills u have no air resistance so it's easier, so 1% mimics air resistance. Due to the extra weight again running is probably out of the question, but elliptical trainer, bike, rower is all fair game and way better than walking. Full body using multiple joints against a resistance you control will do a lot more than walking same speed. Try cycling fast for 30 seconds then normal speed for 60-90 seconds and repeat this for 10 minutes. Then do it on rowing etc.

If you work BIG muscle groups like the legs (rowing, squats) weights (bent over rows/machine rows) your back and quads are your two biggest muscles...improve their strength aka more muscle fibres..then...you BURN more calories at rest throughout the day and during repair.

Idea of a diet this is me

Breakfast porridge

Snack lean whey protein


Lunch tuna light mayo sweet corn wrap + lean whey protein

Fat free yoghurt for a snack

Dinner chicken chow mein (home cooked with all fresh veg (peppers, baby corn, sugarsnap peas, spring onion)

Lean whey protein

Comes in at around 1700 calories not including all my exercises at gym. I also take a multivitamin for any vitamins I'm missing that day. I'm never hungry full of energy and never have any low moments due to sugar rushes etc which is what I got when I ate badly before. Loads of information for you to read up so enjoy and good luck. Keep going :) here's to becoming the stronger version of urself :)


thanks for the help, i think i will try and add some crabs in the diet and also try and do different machine in the gym.


Yes, add some crabs to your diet but not processed carbs!


People want to see insta weight loss so they go no carbs lose water weight then put all their weight back on in most cases. Just know that it will take you one week to burn the 3500 calories needed to burn off 1lb of fat. When you know these sums then you realise cutting carbs doesn't actually make you lose your fat and you need the energy to push hard at the gym. Keep at it vary it up and see how you do 3 days a week following the advice at gym and in 4 weeks see where your at :)


If you cut carbs there is a very good chance that you will lose weight without exercise. Once you have lost weight, you can maintain with the appropriate amount of carbs.



Add in some carbs and healthy snacks, I'd add toast at breakfast too.

Well done, keep up the good work.


Hi Kagari

Really well done on the weight loss. A note about the carb thing. New research is suggesting we don't need as much carbs as the exisitng recommendations, this is because of modern diets and lifestyles. However very low or no carb diets don't work as it reduces your glycogen stores and as soon as you start eating carbs again you will gain the weight. Dietitians only recommend this as a kick start for motivation and to beak eating habits but only for 2 weeks and then only under supervision. Adding carbs (starchy foods) may help you maintain your weightloss for this reason as well as introduce more variety in your diet to stop you getting bored.

Go for wholegrain products as they tend to release energy more slowly and give you more energy for the gym (well done on that as well). You could have wholegrain rice with your fish or chicken? Pulses are also a really great way to add slow release energy and you can flavour them differently to vary the taste (personally I love making lentil and vegetable curry - far better than the take away version).

Good luck and keep it up.


Low carb diets work very well, as you have discovered. Perhaps if you do want to bring more carbs into your diet, keep to starchy veg like potatoes (ordinary or sweet). If you can do without bread products this will help you lose weight. You do need to be eating adequate amounts of natural fat as it is essential to health, like olive oil, and you could also make sure to have protein with every meal.

This link has some useful advice about low carb diets, plus the science which backs it up. Low carb is not a fad diet, it's the way we used to diet before all the bad science about low fat.


Good luck,


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