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Has anyone had irregular periods who is over weight/obese?

Im 23, F,5ft6 and was 20 stone three weeks ago. I've been suffering from very light or no periods for over two years. I've always found sex painful and often bleed alittle. I always put it down to my weight. I never saw a doctor due to being so embarrassed about my weight. Recently I got a period that has lasted amonth and is now slowing down and gone browny instead of bright red. I have now been to the doctors and I had a hormone test which came back as I have slightly raised testosterone. So now I'm being seen for polysistic overies. I'm very scared and concerned as I've not had a "proper period" in afew years. I have gained like 5 stone in two years which probably doesn't help. Anyone suffered anything similar? Would like to hear from you. Thanks everyone xx

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Perhaps have a look at the Endometriosis site on HU?


I've never had this kind of problem even if I am quite obese (more than 32 bmi) but I take contraceptives.. and I suffer from PCOS...of course it is quite normal. I have friends they do not have period, or they have too much.. I think that a gynaecologist would help! but losing weight as well


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