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I'll admit i'm terrified of exercise but at just under 15 stone at 24 I need it, I eat well I just don't move unless I'm doing the school runs with my daughter. yet even that is a quick trudge up the hill home and back to the sofa. I have an old injury to my knee that plays up and I'm an asthmatic (due to my weight) so thats my keep handy excuses. My doctor says i'm all clear to exercise just take it easy at first. I just dont know how to go out and do it anymore, avoiding it im a pro but I cant do that any more. Any help or ideas guy/girls?

Thank you


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  • Hello there! I'm probably around the same weight as you and I'm 23, I've recently started cycling (after not riding a bike for 10 years) and I'm really enjoying it! I have a bit of a funny knee too, intracranial hypertension and pcos which is why I really need to shift the weight! I have been loosing the weight and so far in 2 months I've lost 10 kilos! Running can be damaging to heavier people and walking just isn't enough, cycling is the happy medium and it's a lot of fun too :) xx

  • Hello,

    I've been making small changes, I started by walking a mile a day then gradually increased it. It would be easy for you to add that in as after you've dropped your daughter at school you could then take a longer way home. Once you've done this for about 3 weeks or so it will not be such an effort to do it as it will be habit. I have several exercise dvds that I like to do, experimenting with cardio boxing at the minute, but my favs are the pump it up ones, they might be rough on your knee though. I would start with walking, I've lost a decent amount of weight with just walking but it is slow, if you want quicker weightloss you will need to increase the intensity.


  • I'm around the same weight. I'm a bit cautious about doing damage to my knees as well. Going for a walk might be the best way to start exercising. I feel sure that if I lost weight it would help my knees, because at the moment they are having to support 15 stone, whereas the top of my healthy weight range should be about 11 stone 10.

  • Just go for a brief walk, or check out some easy chair type exercises to do at home, or do both, you will adapt quite quickly!

  • As you lose weight, you will gain mobility. Concentrate on eating natural foods that satisfy your appetite, and avoid foods that stimulate your eating. Keeping your insulin levels low will enable you to burn body-fat for fuel.

  • What about swimming or even water aerobics? Your local centre may even have a disability group where a trainer can prepare an exercise programme to meet your needs

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