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I am a newbie to this community but could really use some advice other than surfing the web on weightloss related to menopause and thyroid disease. I have not found much help browsing websites so hope someone in this community might be able to offer some advice. I am pretty desperate and at a loss so I hope there is some support and encouragement out there because I need it bad at my wits end! :(


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    I am a great believer in the advice on this site for weight loss and exercise, including c25k. I am post menopausal but am on thyroxine. It is keeping my levels ok so I do not think it is a barrier to weight loss. I lost 22 lb last year using the 12 week plan and continued afterwards. The c25k has resulted in a complete change (for the better) in my shape. for thyroid stuff and I am sure there will be something similar for menopause.

    Good luck

  • Thanks for the link Windswept1. Good to hear your weight loss journey is going well Cheers! :) I am also in the Thyroid Community but thought I may get more advice here due to the fact it is about weight loss and possibly someone could answer my question in this community, worth a try.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Have you asked your GP for help and advice? Any advice given here is going to be very general because we do not know you and your particular problems. Are you taking levothyroxine to correct your thyroid function? What would you really like us to help you with?

  • Hi Margrete yes I have spoken to several Docs and the all say there is nothing you can do it is part of my menopause not thyroid related, they do not listen, but I know different so I just grit my teeth and look for answers elsewhere and not on meds for thyroid yet and not sure I want to. I would need to be on antithyroid drugs which sound horrific side effect wise. My Endo gave me 3 option removal blasting or meds,even though I need to lose weight. it is frustrating and confusing

    Thanks :)

  • yours i a good question. i have been searching myself. as i am nearing end of 40s although no one believes me. i researched thyroid, ibs, menopause because for the last year i still have a mid section and this is with moderate exercises /stretches every morning, 5 min jog, for the last year or so plus Pilates on Wed. Then i get bloated so i take this smoothie every evening and that is sorted. This weightloss is confusing me, underneath the fat mid i have muscle from being active for the past year so why is the fat still there? i have done online menopause and thyroid tests which indicate some sort of imbalance which i think is related to menopause. ???!!! i started Zumba for 10-15mins as of yesterday for poss x2 a week. i am definitely determined......... i did weightloss challenge at work and lost a few pounds! There is a weighloss management within my primary care centre with the pharmacist which seems like a good place to get answers........

  • Hi Kimla10

    Sounds just like me I believe a lot of the weight is water and def hard to lose and frustrating I weigh myself every morning and I am yo'yo,ing and it is driving me crazy. I did the water pill thing but It came back on and then all of a sudden after a yr started to drop down after I found out I had thyroid disease now up again grrr and Dr's just tell me to accept the changes to my body. I cry pretty much everytime i look in the mirror sometimes I look 9 months pregnant some days and my body is sadly not my own anymore and I only gained 10lbs but look bigger I have no muscle tone now I have rippling where I once did. I want me back!! I am glad I am not alone thank you for the reply I appreciate it. I am 49 now this hell all happened 6 months after my last period Aug 2012 at 47.I did not know my thyroid was messed up then but my guess is it was as I just got thrown into menopause it was not a gradual transition so I feel it is more thyroid related most of my weight is around the upper middle abdomen starting at my belly button and it is just horrible I look like a bowl of jello .

    I walked forever did rebounding and nothing changed so kinda gave up as it did not do anything for my legs or bum either :(

  • Menothyro, I can't believe how we've gone thru same stuff at same time,age & year!

    All Weightloss diets say drink water, have fiber& protein then the bloated /constipation. I even went to hosp thought something was wrong w my belly! Mad this is. If I if I ever get anywhere I will let you know ASAP! It's the jingling fat that pisses me off! I wonder how s.o. our age w fitness as a career is coping??!!

  • Hi back Kimla 10

    That is weird but maybe we can be a support for each other . Last night I had the ready to give birth look again..grr and could not figure out any triggers although I was very stressed as I am looking for a family Doc and they screen you with what appears to be a job it is crazy I am bonkers. The prego belly happens alt least 5 or 4 times a month. How do you get on that way? I also have a body image disorder which makes it harder to deal with my weight goes up down, up down, overnight 4 or 5 lbs at times and can change throughout the day even if I do not eat . I weighed myself the other morning and was 162 then 1/2 hr later 164 huh? My suggestion is try not eating to much fiber it can bloat you. I have been hearing not so good things about fiber lately but I have brain fog right now so cannot think . We do need fiber yes but I take a laxative everyday right now because I do not eat very much grain and eat gluten free bread and pastas etc.. yesterday I did not eat and i looked that way it is disturbing and disgusting so let's try to help one another and since Dr's say live with it it is normal let us say say poo poo to them and look for our own answers to this dilemma we are suffering with pretty regularly. Hope to hear back . :)

  • I know, this fiber thing is why I've resorted to laxative / natural lax smoothie. Drs, I just switched. I can't believe Dr said live w it! I need to check scales myself. Pilates wore me out last night! If I suck tummy in (Pilates core) I can tell I have muscle then I have to exhale to the fat. The bloatedness makes me wanna heave of course that could be me being sick n tired of not getting anywhere w all hard work. I may even try 15 mins Zumba DVD if I have energy........xxkim

  • I know, this fiber thing is why I've resorted to laxative / natural lax smoothie. Drs, I just switched. I can't believe Dr said live w it! I need to check scales myself. Pilates wore me out last night! If I suck tummy in (Pilates core) I can tell I have muscle then I have to exhale to the fat. The bloatedness makes me wanna heave of course that could be me being sick n tired of not getting anywhere w all hard work. I may even try 15 mins Zumba DVD if I have energy........xxkim

  • Hi hope you got your Zumba in I tried doing 10 min rebounding which is equivalent to 30 min of walking apparently and weight bearin for a bit nothing changed crap ..but how does that get rid of this out of the blue belly bloat prego poo ! Grr makes me so angry. I had something else to tell you but my lack of sleep last night has left me in a fog ifi remember will post later. I am goin to try a 1 day fast of just lemon water I am toxic the Dr. thinks yup sure looks like it....ughhh be back soon! :) XX

    P.S I better take my laxative tonite although it has not been helping as much either

  • BTW KM up to a whopping 165lbs today wow just being teased last month I was 156 or 157 ridiculous and not much I can do so accept it and try to lose it again unless it is that pesky nodule on my thyroid but I am hypo right now DUH ???? hmmm! :(

  • I have a lax called Miralax that is good. Also I use green apple, frozen spinach cube, carrot blended & put into ice cube tray. Then I take a cube every night. Seems to can add fresh beetroot as well. It seems to help bloating. Pilates stretches seem to have a workout for everything I'll ava look to see what they suggest for it. Take care:)

  • Oh went on scales 151 one day then next 154. I think started out at 159! Weightloss ugh legs seem to get muscle b4 anything else :))

  • 165lbs today congrats at least you are going down wilst I go up again.1 yr to lose that 10lbs of water was bad enough now what 6 months for 5 lbs haha hope not . Ttys KM :) CHEERS ! X

  • P.S. KM

    I take LaxaDay maybe I need to double up tonite lol last time I took a laxative I lost 5lbs so I imagine I have a few lbs of poo in there ughh gotta get rid of that and I am doing a fast for 1 day all lemon water and then a day with 500 calories cannot see it no coffee no toast :( (sigh) Doc's orders for this toxic chick I am going to start juicing again cut out my bread and see what happens and make sure i take my digestive enzyme and probiotic in case I have leaky gut I know I have bad bugs and many so could be part of this also will keep u posted may be offline for 2 days but I will be back :) x

  • K KM keep me posted and I will do the same. I have no energy to exercise and this Dr. today has told me not to cause of my adrenals. I am huge again grr but bloating will not go down with exercise so it seems from past tries what a bummer. Where do you get the energy to workout? I wish I could have some of yours send me some virtually would you lol :) ttys thx X

  • no idea where i get the energy except been getting pissed off w the bloatedness! i did find a couple sites for gentle Pilates stretches for bloated. i will try them when i get home:


  • Me again Kimla10

    P.S. just weighed in @161lbs so lets see what I weigh after my coffee will let u know :) lol gotta laugh or I will cry! I am still puffy and jelly like and bit of a muffin top still there but most of the pregnant belly look gone maybe look 2 or 3 months today..hehe :)

  • Update: well KM10 now up to 162lbs messing with my head knew it lol...or is my scale playing games? Grrr !

  • FYI KM10

    maybe try gluten free bread and pasta if u like and I have tried juicing I feel that helped a bit with my weight but need to get back at it my juicer is a piece of prolly why I have not juiced lately but I was doing one veggie and and one fruit per day and had 1 meal with mostly protein etc so I had my solids. I did that for a week or so and I did drop a few lbs so try if u can maybe it will work for u too. I will try to find the one recipe I had for my juices and will post for you later and for any other people who are in this miserable predicament . let me know if you get anywhere with he pharmacist pls and thx :) x

  • Hi Menothyro

    As someone who has to avoid gluten I would not recommend eating gluten free bread, it is highly processed and full of additives, and will not help with weight loss. You could perhaps try lowering your carbs and upping your protein. This link may be of some help to you, although it is unlikely that you would need the amount of protein recommended.

    Constipation can be a nightmare. Have a look at the soluble and insoluble fibre in different veg and fruits, you may find that you need more of one than the other. I have also found that you need to be eating some natural fats, and not going for the low fat options.

  • Hi Penel,

    Thx for the info on the bread sad really I like my 2 pieces a day :( lol What about the pastas? I will cut out for a bit and see. Could be I have lots of bugs and maybe leaky gut just got a test to see although I do take a probiotic but this can get so expensive. Someone mentioned not absorbing or digesting foods properly like malabsorption for the bloating but it happens when I do not eat so mystery ???? I do eat mostly good fats so I am on the right track and protein with every meal but right now do not want to eat much of anything I just keep getting bigger up down but lately staying up and it took me a yr to lose 10 lbs of water it just started to come off so I do not know the trigger I am a mess!

  • Hi Menothyro

    Taking the probiotics is a good idea if you have had a lot of bugs. If you think gluten may be a problem your doctor can refer you for testing, but you need to be eating gluten for at least six weeks.

    Perhaps have a look at FODMAPS, as this can be a cause of GI problems. A few people on GFG have had a go at this and could give you some advice.

    Hope you can get this sorted out.

  • How are things? I'm off to Pilates this evening! i really love doing that because it is toning but not full on like the Fat Burning class. i tried that and nearly killed myself!! to keep up protein i try protein bar (bite after a meal been told is best) or cottage cheese. i am slowly getting rid of bloated tummy. determination:) to keep an eye on food i use an app called MyNetdiaryxxxKim

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