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Week 1

Hi everyone. Week 1 done. 4lb lost. I'm feeling good about it. It's been a challenging week and my default would be to turn to food...but i didn't. This week i'm introducing exercise. I plan to walk 4 times this week 30 mins each time. More if i feel comfortable. Made soup this morning - chilli corn chowder - a SS recipe. Roll on lunchtime. I'm feeling ready to eat at mealtimes, not hungry just ready and actually tasting my food, too. This is a feeling i've rarely experienced as i have either not eaten, binged or grazed all day & night.

Thank you to all the people who gave me words of encouragement & advice. Here's to all of us staying positive and celebrating success. Have a good week.

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Wow - well done you thats great. I am staring today so this has given me some encouragement. Keep up the good work.


Good luck, andie. Have a great week. ;)


Four pounds is fantastic! Four 30 minute walks sounds like a great idea. I was going for a 30 or so minute walk every evening at the start of the year and combined with healthy eating lost a stone. Unfortunately some unhealthy eating habits crept back in a I stopped walking, and have put the stone back on. I'm going to follow your example and start doing some walking again.

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Hi Hipster9966,

Congratulations on your weight loss. That's a great start. Your Chilli Corn Chowder sounds tasty. Good luck with your exercise goals for this week. Hope you enjoy your walks.

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


Well done, keep motivated!


Hi Hipster 9966, well done, keep going.


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