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Just started. I ran!!!

I used a trampet to run on as didn't want to be seen outside and I have bad knees and hips due to weight. (Hope it still counts). I did the first week run. Can't believe I got through it. Feel amazed I managed it and didn't give up! That's the first bit of exercise I've done for months. I struggle to walk anywhere at the minute so to walk and run is amazing. Does a trampet make it better on your joints. I'm thinking if I do it indoors till I feel more confident? What do you think?

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I like the idea of running, but am a bit concerned about the pressure it will put on my knee joints. So for that reason I've stuck to walking. What is a trampet?


A small trampoline. That's why I used it due to pressure on knees and hips. I've had it ages and used it before. The impact is less on your joints i believe. It certainly worked for me. Can't believe I ran!


Where you running on the spot? There is a programme in WiiFit Plus for jogging/running on the spot, and its quite fun. I have used it, but forwalking instead, when the weather was too hot to walk outdoors.


Yes running on the spot on the trampet. If you look on argos they sell them there. I just followed the c25k first run and did 8 minutes running. Actually felt good.


Well done! I didn't know you could run o one of them, I'm sure it counts. I have just jogged/run for the first time ever and it has hammered my knees. Too much far too soon I believe and has caused major swollen legs alongside the normal dwellings. Haven't been to the gym for a week now and I'm so depressed with it all, trying to lose weight, picked up courage to join a gym (hate them normally, can't be doing with the show offs).

So I say well done you!!


Are you doing Couch to 5k?


Hi, I'm not, just trying to get my health back having Hypothyroidism and doesn't seem to be properly addressed. So not being a quitter I'm trying to lose some of the weight I have only put on since contracting in the last 4 years.

Having said that I would LOVE to be able to run!


Have you looked into it? nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

It starts very gradually and you move up at your own pace.

I lost three stone on the 5:2 Diet

and felt so great I started the C25k programme - at 63!

If you feel that running of any kind is too much for you I can also recommend the YouTube walking videos by Leslie Sansone which will get you moving indoors. They start at around 15 minutes for the 1 mile walking video - she's a lovely girl and gets you moving!

And of course there's the free MyFitnessPal app and website which is brilliant for counting calories. You input your details and it keeps a tally of your calorie intake (be honest!) but don't eat the exercise calories you burn, they're a bonus.


Hi, thanks for that. Not sure about the 5:2 with being Hypo starvation mode isn't good for us. Still trying to work out my ideal calorie intake. I use MFP (RKD63 ;) ) and it gives me only 1200 calories compared to most that give 1500, so if this doesn't work I'll have an idea why.

I have had recent swellings on my legs, terrible aches and pains (again linked to Hypo or medication) and now my knee has gone with exercising too much too soon, so convalescing at the moment... but I am active around the house, usually power walk anyway, am very disciplined when I know things will work.... but not in the past years.... nothing seems to work. I keep a diary for the gym but much prefer MFP AND I can print off reports.

I have changed my diet again, as it's easy to get lazy and I'm cutting out sugars as much as possible so logging is goo although time consuming. I have also until recently logged all my exercise and you can see that I do 3 - 4 hours of strength and cardio, high impact per week also my walking in the evenings (too much jogging for my knee hence convalescing).

... and no I didn't eat away the exercise calories. Still I didn't lose weight and the gym where telling me off for even putting cream on my Sunday evening strawberry treat of the week!!

I will still have a look though at the vids.



Fortunately your body never goes into 'starvation mode' on 5:2 because it's only one day at a time and you're eating the next day.

MFP gave me 1200 too but I did 500 on two days, up to 1500 on four, and up to 2000 on Sundays. ;)


Hi! could I pm you? rather than jumping in here?


Hi yes no problem. Not sure how it works though.


No prob, nothing urgent. :)


Of course, though I won't be able to reply until the morning.


... by the way you are doing fantastic!! An inspiration to us all. :)

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I think it's an excellent idea to do it indoors until you feel more confident about being outside. It is so hard to make a beginning so congratulations. Can you join us on the Monday Weigh-in? Everyone would be glad to see you there and share notes with you on progress. You will find LowCal's post inviting everyone to join in.


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