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Just last minute advice!

So I will be starting my 5:2 diet properly on Tuesday as my holy month of fast will be finished by then. My weight is 14 stone 5 pounds and my height is 5 ft 6 and im only just 18. I just want some real advice from people who have previously lost weight with diets or naturally. And what advice would you give to someone who is the only one dieting in the family? Thanks and Hopefully in a years time I will be my goal weight which is 12 stones. InshaAllah.

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Have you had a look at the NHS Weight Loss programme? Are your family supportive of your goals?

As you are 18, how about using metric measurements? I find it much more encouraging (I was taught metric in school and was born in the 60s)

Although you need to consume fewer calories for now, it is worth looking at a strategy you can keep up for life. If you don't enjoy it, you won't do it for long enough or the weight will come back on when you stop.

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Eid Mubarak on Tuesday! Well done for considering 5:2. You are obviously accustomed to fasting and on 5:2 you will be able to drink during your fasting days. There's an excellent book by Kate Harrison called The 5:2 Diet which I'd recommend, or Michael Mosley's book The Fast Diet which goes into the science behind it more.

The advantage of the 5:2 Diet is that once you've got to the weight you want to be you can just fast one day a week to maintain. I have been the same weight now for well over a year this way whereas with any other diet I put it all back on again, and more!

I would very much recommend you download the free app called MyFitnessPal where you can keep a record of your calories.

As for your family, I would think they will commend you for wanting to take control of your weight. It is only two non-consecutive days a week so try to make sure you don't eat too much on your non-fasting days. You should aim at a maximum of 2,000 but it's best to calculate how much you actually need here thefastdiet.co.uk/how-many-...

If you need any more information, please ask me!


Advice from an older generation: You're young and healthy (I assume) so get active! Get your shorts and trainers on and run round the block. Then run round another 2 blocks. Then find the local park or sports field and run round that. Or get a bicycle. Cycling is getting more and more popular. Or swim.

Next thing: watch out for snacking. Eat proper meals sitting at a table. Forget 'dieting'. Just eat proper food. Not too sweet or starchy. When you've had enough, stop eating. Say 'I've had enough, thank you, it was very nice but I can't eat any more'.

You have to make your own decisions never mind what the family does or says. It's your body, not anyone else's. And you were given free will, by God.


Whenever I have been successful, I have used the myfitnesspal app. You have to be really honest with it concerning what you eat, but it really opens your eyes to what is actually in certain foods in terms of nutrition. My boyfriend lost a lot of weight using the Macro system but you'd have to google that because I don't know enough about it.

Good luck!


Although this is a good forum it is not specifically for the 5:2 way of eating.

Here everyone has their own favourite way and, whilst well meaning, will tell you that you should be doing this or that diet.

If you are following 5:2 I would suggest you go to thefastdiet.co.uk/ and join the forum there where everyone is following the same way of eating and you will not get so much conflicting advice.

I have been following the 5:2 way of eating - it isn't a 'diet' - no foods are 'forbidden', you don't have to buy 'special' foods or attend classes - and have lost 4 stones. I am now maintaining by fasting 1 day a week.

You are used to fasting and I'm sure your family will be supportive - you can eat exactly the same as them but maybe in smaller quantities....using a smaller plate is very helpful.

Have a look at the link above - all the information and support you need is there.

Good luck


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