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Hi, newbie from fife


Hia, a month ago I started taking orlistat from the doctor , but realised that at 42 and 15stone with arthritis in my knee I didn't need fat pills I needed a whole new way of life! So I researched and went for it.. 35 days ago and I've lost just over a stone, been again to the doctor today and declined more orlistat as I can obviously do this without costing the NHS an extra £60 a month!

I've gonna from about 4000 calories to under 1000 basically overnight, bought an electric treadmill as walking far wasn't an option , although this is improving , what's made me annoyed is as excited as I was when I went to the doctors , having tracked everything that I've eaten and really pushing myself physically , she weighed me and when I declined more she commented that' you'll probably need more if you're going to have surgery (on my knee) in September '...

I don't know anything about nutrition etc, I'm going on the 'eat less move more' theory, somedays I only manage 500 cals and then I burn off 200... In my mind I should have lost more weight doing this... I need educating clearly ..please xx

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Shelagh, you are going to make yourself ill! Please find a post from "ginger nut" cos if you are cutting down to 500 calories that is only sustainable for two non-executive days. She will help you, or look up the 5:2 diet. Please don't make yourself ill!

Hi Shelagh

Well done for giving up the Orlistat, but Candystripe is right, you are not eating enough. If you are researching weight loss, then you must research nutrition!

Have a look at the 12 week weight loss plan, or the 5:2 Fast diet may suit you. Alternatively you could look at something like the Low carb diet.



Lots of good advice here & you are not massive compared to some that get surgery. My practice nurses know very little about weight loss & are generally overweight. they have been very impressed with my weight loss & fitness with the NHS plan & exercise.

You need to eat more. Approximately 1400 kcals and over time you can reduce to 1250 kcals. Once your weight is where you want it gradually increase kcals for maintenance. With all your exercise and less calories your body will go into 'shock' mode and you'll feel exhausted on 500 kcals a day. Look at the NHS choices 12 week plan tells you that is a sensible was to lose weight.

Well done on the weight loss. Shame your Dr wasn't more encouraging.

Have I understood this right? You are going all out because you have surgery scheduled for September?

How much does your Dr need you to lose?


It must be very tempting to rush and get the weight off for the surgery... but you also need to be in the best overall nutritional condition for good recovery and healing and that isn't easy on a very low calorie diet (I am not even sure about 5:2 for immediate pre-surgery unless you are very savvy about nutrition beyond calories as it is predicated on reducing your average intake over a week below what would normally be advisable on a daily basis).

You've said yourself that your real goal is a new healthy way of life - so it needs to be something you can keep up longer term. You obviously have bags of determination and have worked really hard... you'd be gutted to see the weight pile back on again as it usually does after a fast track approach.

Please take onboard the advice given.You will lose lean muscle mass and will make yourself ill, by depriving yor body of essential nutrients. Slow and sure weight loss is more sustainable in the long term.


Well I'm gobsmacked! Thankyou all soo much!

I was actually reading further on here somewhere and read that I was doing it all wrong, so you've all confirmed that.. The doctor hasn't given me a specific amount of weight to lose, just asked me did I want to try orlistat to help me lose some weight if I was feeling down.. Took me a week of research before I even took them,

Absolutely want a new way of life, never want to let myself get here again :(

Anyway... Today is a new day, and I'm going to be eating 1200 cals and obviously very low fat... It's amazing that we put all sorts of crap foods in our face but don't even know what a great deal of it it! Lol

Thankyou all again, I will defiantly be back ... Smiling!

Shelagh x

Penel in reply to Shelagh-123

You really don't need to go very low fat. Your body needs natural fats to function properly and low fat products often contain added sugar, which is bad for your health and weight loss.

This article by Micheal Mosely explains how fat is necessary for you.


Well done to you. I would love to see the look on your doctors face when you achieve your weight goal without putting chemicals into your body. Good luck.


Snap - I'm 42 and 14 stone 10. I got down to about 13 stone 10 earlier this year, but unfortunately have put it back on again :( I did feel a lot better when I got below 14 stone, and actually went from being obese to 'just' overweight. I'm determined to get back below 14 stone again through healthy eating and some exercise from now on, and then hopefully get into the healthy weight category.

I agree with Penel. The thinking regarding dietary fat is changing, although it is slow. Manufacturers have a huge vested interest in keeping us buying all the low fat, reduced fat, products. When you take fat out of anything you lose the taste so sugar is put in as a replacement and a preservative.

You are probably better doing without orlistat (xenical). It can have some very unpleasant and embarrassing side-effects.

Definitely agree with Penel. See this article in the Mail online from Dr Michael Mosely (5:2 diet) saying he was wrong about it being good to eat low fat.


Eating fat doesn't make you fat. Sugar and simple carbohydrates are the baddies.

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