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I have been following the plan for a few weeks but not losing weight, eating 1400 cals and exercising walking and exercise bike most days 30 mins plus, but not losing weight. I have noticed my sugar level is quite high even though within my calories, I eat quite a lot of low fat yoghurts and have noticed they are high in sugar, can anyone recommend any low sugar yoghurts and help where I am going wrong with not losing weight. Thanks in advance.


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  • Hi Clare

    If you want to eat yoghurt, go for the plain ones and add your own fruit. There is a natural amount of sugar in yoghurt, between about 4 and 6 grms per 100 grms, which is fine for you. I often have a full fat yoghurt and fruit for breakfast.

    Check for hidden sugar in any other products you buy. To lose weight you need to be thinking about the kind of food you eat, and not just the calories. You need to avoid processed foods, like white bread and breakfast cereals, because they will spike your blood sugars and insulin levels. Perhaps try upping the amount of protein you eat, and cutting down on the carbs. Different things suit different people, you may need to experiment. Keeping a food diary can sometimes help.

  • H thanks for reply. I will start getting plain yoghurt. I will start checking what sugar is in products as I don't normally. I have been logging my food on here too and some days sugar is high.

  • Totally agree with Penel. i try to avoid anything with added sugar and if you look at labels most things marked 'low fat' have added sugar. My fave yoghurt is Total zero fat. It is just yoghurt - 57 kcal per 100 g.

    But I also eat a protein breakfast of eggs or well grilled bacon as well.

    In my way of thinking sugar not fat is the real problem.

  • Thanks for replies I will start having eggs or bacon for breakfast. Will also try Total zero yoghurt. I try and eat low fat versions of food so maybe thats where I am going wrong if they are higher sugar.

  • Anything low fat is generally loaded with sugar. Processed foods and ready meals usually the same. I eat the greek bio live full fat yougurt with fruit - strawberries blueberries etc i eat brown bread, sweet potatoe, all Veg, salad avacado and occasionally brown rice - semi skimmed milk - porridge - salmon tuna mackerel and occasional white meat and red meat Dry roast my veg with One cal - no fizzy drinks - knocked them all on the head and drink water - sparkling and tap and tea Ive lost 54lbs since November. I do have occasional meals out and takeaways but as a nation we have been raised on added sugars to so many foods - and become addicted. Ive never felt better.

  • I tend to feel that having these little pots of yoghurt etc (more or less whatever is and isn't in them) somehow stops us moving on to the next level of healthy eating. Keeps us in that 'I deserve a treat/I need something sweet' space, when perhaps it would be better to try doing without and then having a full-on high quality dessert more occasionally.

    It does sometimes take a while to see anything happening but you clearly have the determination with sticking to a sensible calorie limit and getting the exercise in for several weeks.

  • Well done 54lbs is great. Would love to lose a stone to get to a healthy weight, i want to do something before i put more on. I do drink flavoured sparkling water, will stick to water. I eat a lot of salad, chicken and salmon. Just have a sweet tooth, hence eating a lot of weight watchers yoghurts, will get plain natural yoghurt from now. Thanks for advice.

  • Agree with the other posters. I like fruit but some fruits are high in fructose. I switched to berries which are lower in fructose. I buy bags of frozen red berries and add them to my porridge, rolled oats, not the instant kind, which have added sugar, milk etc.

    I am on 1200 cals and am never hungry. I have lost 14lbs in 10 weeks by sticking to the plan and upping my excercise. I use dumbells my excercise bike and walk my dogs 3 times a day. Excercise bike is good because it doesn't put stress on your joints. I'm 61 and have some athritis in my right hip. Losing weight has without a doubt helped lessen the pain in my hip.

    If I can do this, anyone can. Goodluck..

  • Well done tootsiepops, hope I'm saying the same in 10 weeks. I buy the plain porridge oats. Will get some frozen berries. I normally have a banana in mine.

  • Face greek yogurt has 9 gr carbs vs. other brands. For awhile use no fructose breads, stop rice , OJ , dried fruits. I keep sugar in tact by increasing proteins.....2 Hard boil eggs in AM and 1 slice Nature Harvest multigrain . FIBER AND PROTEIN beat the sugar. Well done on the exercise program. some people don't show scale loss but over time clothes work better and you FEEL better once sugar under control

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