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Feeling ancient this morning!!!

I am now finally into tackling strength exercises and felt so good about it yesterday that I must have overdosed. This morning having discovered muscles that I certainly have never had in my life, I ache all over, so then promptly raised the level on my exercise bike and did half an hour on that. What a nutter!!! Just hoping I can walk over to the shopping mall with a normal gait later lol!

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Sounds like the NHS Couch to 5k plan would suit you very well! You start by just running for 60 seconds - nine weeks later you're running for 30 minutes - it's amazing! I didn't start until I was 63 and was very much a couch potato. nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...


Thank you gingernut for your very kind response BUT running is not for me at all! I would rather give up losing weight!!! I'm happy in my private little world and of course have learned a valuable lesson to not try to do everything in five minutes! Please continue to give us all inspiration! X


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