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Wake Up Call - BMI 48.5

Didn't realise I'd got so big. But my body has started shouting at me - my legs swell every night, I struggle to walk very far without getting out of breath and I don't like it.

I have tried so many different diets over the years but never stick to them and that has got to change.

So I have printed the weekly planner, downloaded Fitness Pal and just putting on my walking shoes for a walk round the block.

Wish me luck

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Good luck!


Good luck, be prepared for the emotional journey, take it one day at time, and distract yourself!


Well done for taking charge. That's the best starting place. One day at a time and best best best of luck. (It won't be luck that's needed though!) All the best.


Well done for taking the plunge to a healthier, fitter life. My tips are to plan all your meals, portion control, use smaller plates & don't get too hungry. Good luck.


Best of luck to you


I was the same, try MapMyWalk, it's very generous on calories burned but saves your walks so you can get an idea of time and distance. I couldn't manage a 30 minute very slow walk without getting puffed out, now 3 months later I can walk 6 miles in 2 hours and feel great :)

Best of luck, you can do it :)


Thanks everyone, how great to know there is support out there


Good luck! Take one day at a time and don't be too hard on yourself if things go slower than you planned or you feel you eat something you shouldn't.


Hi newnik69,

It's going to be a long journey, but don't try to rush it.

In the course of the journey you'll discover a lot about food, nutrition, yourself and a lot about the waffle and nonsense that those with something to sell will tell you about foods / supplements / 'slimming' aids, etc., too. (sadly!)

But if you are significantly overweight, that very probably is mainly because you eat too much (portion control) of the wrong types of food (particularly fats and sugars). The net result is that your body adapted to that by storing lots of fat.

Almost miraculously, if you change your eating habits to sensible, healthy ones, your body will almost always adapt to those changes too.

Yes it will take time - but then you didn't put that weight on overnight, did you?

There's lots of good free advice on the NHS live well lose weight pages and their pages about nutrition / 'eat well' are well worth reading too.


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