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Target Weight Question

Hi All, I've just reached my target weight that I set myself five months ago and feel and look great compared to when I started. I've lost a total of three stone, reduced my BMI from obese to overweight and now have the exercise bug! However I'm no where near the recommended weight nor BMI that the NHS guidelines recommended but like I've said already, I'm very happy at this weight.

My question is should I carry on losing weight or stay as I am because I'm very happy? Also I'm a little bored with the healthy eating (not diet!), so should I hold the current weight and start again in maybe four weeks?

Does anyone have some helpful advice. Thanks

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First off, very we'll done. I think you you carry on until you get to a realistic weight. According to the theory I should weigh 76 kilos but my doctor and I have discussed it and we both feel that 90 kilos is a good target for someone of my size. I don't believe in the one size fits all chart.

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Well done you!

Now give yourself a little holiday, as you say, without putting on any weight, and then try to lose another stone, have a holiday, lose another stone etc.

It will be healthier for you if you get within the BMI normal range. You may feel happy about your weight now but, believe me, you'll be much happier once you're slimmer!


Hi, Many thanks for your replies. I think a small holiday is required without putting on weight and then start again with a new target. I also agree that one size does not fit all so slowly slowly wins the race.


Give yourself a break. Enjoying maintaining what you have achieved and then if and when you feel ready you can loose more if you wish. If you push yourself when you're not in the frame of mindito loose it then you aren't likely to see the results you were hoping for.

If you are happy then at the moment that is all that matters. You've already improved your health from where it was before. Give yourself a pat on the back for that instead of berrating yourself for not being within a certain range.


Well done! Treat yourself to something fun


You cant go back to your old ways - that's what caused the problem, but you can probably relax a bit. You've done a lot and its up to you whether you continue. You're better now than you were and that's a good result. It would do no harm to take a break then maybe review in a while.


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