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First week over, encouragement, and questions

Hello all,

I am a completely new to this website and have just started to follow some of the NHS weight loss principles as I seriously need to lose some weight and although I am only one week in I am starting to feel the benefits.

I am 6 ft. 2ins and weighed 98.4 kg on the 11th July 2014. However, by eating reasonably sensibly so no cheese, chocolate, or biscuits, and snacking only on fruit, coupled with exercising at the gym on alternate days and going for a long walk on the days that I don’t go to the gym I managed to lose 1.6 kg as of the 18th July 2014. I know that it is only a start and I am not getting carried away with myself as I still have lots of weight still to lose, but just wanted to offer encouragement to others as the hardest things for me was:

1)Accepting that I have an unhealthy relationship with food i.e. snacking on biscuits, eating when I feel happy/down etc.

2) Doing something about it.

Nevertheless, now that I have started I am beginning to feel a little more optimistic.

Just wondered if any of you out there had any possible answers to the questions that I pose below, given that as a newbie any help is gratefully received.

1)What non-food rewards do people treat themselves to, when they have lost weight for that particular week? I’m struggling to think of things so I’m not sure what that says for my imagination!

2)What is the best time of the day to exercise? I’ve heard that mornings are better as you then burn more calories throughout the day. I personally prefer mornings as the gym isn’t as crowded.

3) Is it a myth that you shouldn’t go to bed soon after eating your evening meal?

4) What is the maximum safe amount of weight to lose in a week?

5)Any tips for staying motivated when you know that you have to exercise that day? I seem to have an innate ability to come up with new and novel excuses for not exercising i.e. “it’s raining, I’m tired, I will go tomorrow instead” etc.

Thanks for reading.

Warmest Regards,


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Hi well done with your weight loss with regards to your exercise afternoons is the best time to exercise


Hi Markl37,

I'm going have a shot at those:

1) Well that depends upon what presses your buttons, doesn't it? But there must be something for just about every person on the planet other that food that makes them feel good. The question is what is it for you?

2) I'm not sure if it really makes much difference in terms of using it to promote weight loss. I would have thought the most important thing is to exercise when you can realistically fit it into your lifestyle.

3) No it's not a myth - it's that you aren't going to use it us with activity. If you must eat before sleep, eat something light.

4) Don't aim to lose more than about 1-2lbs a week. I'd say the ceiling is 1 kg a week (2.2 lb). But do remember that's an average figure. Your weight loss will probably go up and down a bit, and usually be a bit more than that in the first week or two. The point is if you find it going above that sort of level, pedal back a bit on your efforts.

5) Focus on two things. Firstly, the reason you're doing it - whatever that is for you. Attaining that weight, fitting into those jeans, being able to run about with the grandkids, or whatever. Secondly, imagine your excess weight as a back pack which weighs that amount, that you wear 24/7. Then imagine being able to take that back pack off. Just imagine the relief and sense of freedom.

And number three (of two?), just imagine what it's going to feel like moving around in that lighter slimmer body, when you get there.

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None food rewards, a tough one, good book, nice herbal tea, painting your nails? For me always cat cuddles and a nice herbal tea, a good read, and then a rest!

The other questions not too sure on to answer!


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