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Hi I'm new to this :)

Hi everyone my name is Kayla and I'm new here, hoping to make a start on the NHS weight loss plan and was wondering if anyone had any advice/tips for me?

I've just been reading online about it, trying to get my head around things when I saw the 'non food rewards' bit, this will be huge for me as usually a 'treat' or reward would be to go out for a meal, what type of things do others reward themselves with? :)

Thanks for reading, I look forward to making some new friends here and supporting each other! :)

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Hi Kayla

Treats are great. I'm off for a haircut today! General pampering and having nice perfumed candles or the sweet peas from the garden are some of the ways I like to reward myself. Making sure I have a comfortable place to chill out, listen to music and read is also part of the plan to treat myself well in a non food related way. Longer term goals include booking a holiday.

So yeah, overall for me it's about finding a new focus.

Best of luck with the weight loss


Hi Georgie, that's a great way to treat yourself thank you for the ideas! Especially the holiday one haha that would give me something to look forward to and work towards.

Good luck with your journey, hope you get lots of nice treats along the way! :)


georgie is right kayla- it is about having a different focus other than food. Food has dominated my life for so long now it feels great to eat to live instead of living to eat. What you focus on is entirely your choice as we are all individuals- but hair, make-up, pampering and jewellery are all things we ladies like. You may like plants, flowers and reading books, music, films etc. Craft activities are another option- card making, scrap booking, knitting and sewing- NOT baking!

I like to chat to friends and spend time with family- plan holidays, decorate the house etc etc.

Once you are freed from your slavery to food you find all sorts of things to fill your time and it is amazing how you can feel peckish but find something else to do and hours have gone by!

Good luck.


Hi loobyloo yeah I completely agree with the living to eat thing, I feel like everything I do revolves around food and it's time for change!

Haha I do enjoy baking that will have to be a no, no!!

I need to free myself from food slavery it has tight hold on me at the moment.

Thank you very much for your advice! :)


Good luck!


Thanks Tilly! :)


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