Losing my last 20 kg

Hello everyone, I have been battling my weight for the last 2 years (winning mostly) I gave up smoking nearly 3 years ago and because of this, and a few other reason, I gained quite a lot of weight. I was 23 stone back in 2011... Today after watching what I eat, and regular visits to the gym, I have battled back to 15.7 stone, I visit and enjoy the gym 4 or 5 times a week, I have completed the couch to 5 km running program (I am currently running 10 km 2 or 3 times a week) as well as lifting weights 4 -5 times a week... Now here is my problem... I have stopped losing weight, my BMI says I should be 13 stone, but I just don't seem to be able to shift the last 20 kg? What am I doing wrong? I am planning on running the Paris marathon in 2 years time and want to be in shape asap so I can continue my running, but this last 20 kg is just baffling me? If you could help me or advise me in any way I would REALLY appreciate it..



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8 Replies

  • Hey

    Im new here and no expert as find exercise tough at best of times. But, I read a lot and have come across the plateau which is common and think everyone goes through at some point. The advice ive seen when this happens is that you need to change way exercise as body is used to what you are doing and combine interval training with strength on same day. Best people to ask are the fitness instructors at gym or I paid for 2 sessions in past with personal trainer just to get you onto a programme that will help shift these last lbs.

    This probably isnt stuff you dont already know but Good luck :)


  • I just want to say well done on your amazing weight loss!!

  • Thank you Tilly, it hasn't been easy, but, just like my quitting smoking, a bit of determination and will power and if I can do it anyone can.

  • I have no advice to offer but just wanted to say well done, what an amazing turn around, very impressive! Good luck with that last bit of weight loss and your marathon plans- with your determination i'm sure you'll achieve success in both.

  • Thanks, I'm sure I'll get there eventually!

  • Congratulations on your weight loss. I would guess if your going to the Gym and lifting weights etc that you would have substantial muscle. Personally I wouldn't take the BMI target too seriously. I would think maybe another stone and you would be a very healthy weight. Just my personal opinion.

  • Yeah Bob I kinda have to agree with you, I'm 6'4" tall and I've been 13 st before and I am way to thin. Problem is Bob I still have this smaller goal to aim for? Anyway I'm not going to let it confound me too much, tomorrow I will run to work (about 5 km) then tomorrow night I'll have a couple of hours in the gym then run home.... Sooner or later this weight will have to go...

  • I think in an ideal world you need a lower goal, mix stuff up, beat the plateau and relax, good luck!

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